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  1. lexion man

    Stocks pro jet 65

    we have 2 of these both 3 years old both got same problem actuators work fine when empty a soon as u load up pellets actuators play up both thourghly cleaned seem free any one else any ideas or similar issues
  2. lexion man


    Had to buy some Maris piper spuds from tesco 2£ for 2.5 kg this equates to £800t this annoyed me no end when is this producer exploitation going to stop . The quality of these spuds were quite clearly below par deep bruising upon peeling on 50 % of the sample annoyed me as a potato producer...
  3. lexion man

    Silage Shropshire

    First cut quadrant 5 ft bales 70 left pm or ring 07720883283
  4. lexion man

    New tractor

    Nicely tucked up out the snow
  5. lexion man

    100 years of Montana farming big bud video
  6. lexion man

    Melody seed potatoes

    Virus tested 20 t 45 -50 virus tested for sale