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    Wholecrop questions

    I’m an arable farmer looking to use wholecrop as a break crop, I’d like it to be quite diverse and have as many legumes in as possible. Ideally id like to drill it in September, have fairly minimal spend on it and then sell it as a standing crop and have it taken off in June before the...
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    KWS Trinity?

    Is anybody still growing the old group 1 milling wheat KWS Trinity?
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    Trinity wheat

    Is anybody still growing KES Trinity wheat? Ideally located near to north Oxfordshire
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    Hemlock control

    How are people successfully controlling hemlock here. Last year spot sprayed it all with glyphosate and now it’s all come back in the same places. Any ideas? Not sure I fancy digging a two foot root out for every plant
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    What would cattle farmers pay for overwinter cover crop grazing?

    We currently rent out cover crop grazing for sheep over winter and charge in the region of 40p/head/week. What would be worthwhile charge for young stock at around 200-300kg. Have heard they would eat 2.5-4.2x as much as a sheep. All management by grazier. What would you be willing to pay?
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    Grazing SW6 winter cover crops

    Are you able to graze winter cover crops as part of a mid tier CSS sw6 option?? Does grazing count as cover crop destruction? Or do you have to start grazing in mid jan? States: establish a quick-growing cover crop by 15 September that will provide a dense cover and protect the land from soil...
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    Kuhn Megant - narrower/lower disturbance tines

    Has anyone managed to retro fit or make work with the existing legs a narrower and lower disturbance tines more suited for direct drilling?