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    Who runs their own shoot

    We have a syndicate shoot here for about 30 years. I personally don’t shoot nor interested but my father did up until 2 years ago. The deal is we provide the game covers (countrywide stewardship). The shoot pay us £500/ac for those areas which is about 7 acres all dotted about. Biggest plot is...
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    Blenky resigns?

    No we don’t to be honest. We farm save seed and been on the same varieties for 10 years. If I wanted to change varieties I’d ring round all the locals and see what they were growing and what yields they were getting.
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    Food shortages being kept quiet?

    Shortages in crap like soft drinks, confectionary, crisps, processed foods is good news. People need to get back to cooking meat and two veg every night.
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    Blenky resigns?

    To be honest we get all the AHDB stuff come through but haven’t looked at anything for years because the info is available online from other sources so I do actually question whether we need the AHDB at all to be honest. Genuinely I dont think we’ve used anything from them for 10 years so what...
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    BBC at it again re meat and climate

    And again where is our beloved union fighting our corner? They really are useless.
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    British Farming Awards tonight

    I just find all these farming awards popping up a bit embarrassing to be honest. It’s not what we should be portraying to the general public in my opinion. It always seems to be the same people involved or trying to win. There’s a young lad who keeps entering himself under various categories...
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    Where is the NFU etc?

    Spoke to a local Nfu bod today and he said in the Nfu they aren’t happy about the video doing the rounds of clarkson at that awards things because he swore quite a bit and they’ve latched into him but it’s done them no favours in political circles. So everybody if you see it on social media make...
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    Gates, security and travellers

    The lockers would get broken into as the drive is 1000m long and it’s open countryside at the end. No houses for about a mile. It’s also pallets of stuff etc.
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    Gates, security and travellers

    I think there’s about 20 of them. He’s suggested it and they aren’t interested because the units are secure from breakins but the site isn’t secure from travellers. It’ll be if travellers turned up the tenants would then complain.
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    Gates, security and travellers

    Looking for some ideas please people. My father in law has lots of industrial units in his yard down a long drive of 1000 metres. The site gets multiple deliveries 5 days a week. He’s also concerned about the increasing number of issues locally to him where by travellers are turning up on mass...
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    Liquid fert prices?

    Bought in July but N24 has been delivered here at £229/tonne.
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    Are Contractors rates having to go up.

    Of course they need to start somewhere but a tractor, man and fuel at £24/hour or combine with fuel at £25/ac doesn’t help existing established contractors does it?
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    Still waiting for WW seed?

    Had our last delivery yesterday. A full 8 weeks late and just in time for the rain. I’m seriously considering getting them to collect it as it’s properly wet now and we may of missed the opportunity to plant it.
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    Grain Market Outlook 2021

    How have you become so disconnected with the industry you belong to? It’s beggars belief when the AHDB are working actively against its levy payers. Time for a change!
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    Are Contractors rates having to go up.

    We use a contractor for some jobs. It’s a big outfit running 3 foragers, 3 combines, 30+ tractors. He told me the other day he’s having to absorb it all except fuel costs. Apparently there’s so much under cutting going on from smaller startup farmers sons.
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    What do Red Tractor do for their money?

    Their days are numbered due to the sheer amount of discontentment with them in agriculture and it’s not just farmers either. Other entities are wondering what they are actually paying for.
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    Higher FBTs and larger first payments to the landowners on CFA's.

    There justification was that the farmhouse would fetch £18,000/year on its own so we said let it out in its own then 🤷🏻‍♂️. We suggested the farm buildings were turned into industrial and they keep that rent and we’d have the farmland at the value of bps on a sliding scale up until 2027 when...
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    Higher FBTs and larger first payments to the landowners on CFA's.

    Both blocks been farmed well by family operations. Grade 3/4 soil though in both cases and not suitable for roots or irrigation. Basically cereal land.
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    We need a shallow cultivator

    Crops grown are winter and spring wheat, spring barley, osr mainly. Sometimes linseed as well. We’ve bought a oldish carrier as it won’t loose much money if it’s not successful although we put it straight to work and it’s chitted the land really well so hopefully it’ll make a difference to us.
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    Higher FBTs and larger first payments to the landowners on CFA's.

    Turned down two blocks of land recently. One was 250ac with farmyard and buildings. Asking price was £50,000/year on a 10 year deal. After we said no it went on the market and let within a few days for the asking price. Then we were asked if we were interested in a 150ac CFA at a straight 50:50...