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    2020 fendt 720

    hi. just wondering if anyone has experience of a 2020 fendt being a little lazy? its has plenty of power on hills and in field but it just doesnt have the getup and go of my last 720 a 2016 model. it feels almost like the turbo isnt kicking in on time or something. maybe its all in my head but i...
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    tractor insurance

    Hi, i just recieved my renewal policy and i noticed that one of my tractors which i have insured fully comp and valued at 100,000 euros is costing 2000 euros to insure. would this be the norm?
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    Wanted Suzuki King Quad 300

    hi, i know this is a long shot but i guess its no harm in asking. i am trying to source a suzuki king quad from the1990s that is road registered, must be in good condition.
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    proportional electro hydraulic joysticks

    I have a small timber crane that came with manaul controls. I had an electro hydraulic valve block off a hardi sprayer and mounted it on the crane, fitted 2 small electric joysticks and to be fair it works ok but have absolutely no control of speed as the valves just open full and close etc. I...
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    Best quad for slug pelleting

    Hi, just wondering what atvs people are using for slug pelleting? I have a honda 500 but the frame and carrier is weak and keeps breaking. I dont want to go the trailed route and make a boggie and i dont want a utv as they wouldnt suit me. Just wondering what the strongest build atv is out there...
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    Get me Home vehicle

    hi, just wondering if anyone tows a vehicle behind a tractor trailer/spreader etc? Dont know if its legal or anything like that, but it would be very handy to have transport instead of lugging the tractor home.
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    3 pin dual connector

    Hi, is it possible to buy a dual 3pin plug/socket. Can seem to locate any online.
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    Botex timber crane

    Hi, i have a botex crane with a 500 ltr bucket approx mounted on a bredal. I wanted to put an hydraulic accumalator on the lifting and lowering arm.. just wondering if anybody would know what size i would need and what charge it needs to be at. Thanks in advance
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    Cordless grease gun.

    hi, i was wondering if there is a cordless grease gun the can use the bosch 18v lithium batteries? All my cordless tools are bosch and it would be handy if i could keep the batteries the same.
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    Topcon x 20

    hi, i am looking for a gps antenna to connect to a topcon x20. I was going to use a usb type one but there is no cd rom on the x20 to download the software. I have an old yara n sensor [the blue one] and there is no gps in it and i was hoping to get it up and going this season. i guess its very...
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    rds weigh log

    hi, not sure if this is allowed so admins please delete if not. i was wondering if any1 would have an rds weigh log or similar for sale? i want something simple to tap into the hydraulic line just to give an approx weight. thank u.
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    bredal bpw axle

    Hi,i am looking for the number off the axle on my k85. i have opened the 2 wheel caps but can only find a number on the locking nut. the spreader in 2007, would anyone know where the number would be? i need to get 2 slack adjusters, 21 spline and approx 40mm diameter. Dealer is extremely pricey...
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    john deere gator for slug pelleting

    how do people find the diesel gator in wet condtions while slug pelletin?
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    bredal k85 brakes

    hi, just wondering if anyone would have the BPW axle part number for the brake tensioners on a 2007 bredal k85. there are 21 splines and approx 40mm diameter. thanks
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    john deere gator dual wheels.

    hi there, anybody using dual wheel on a gator? just wondering how they perform compared to the standard wheels in the wet.. many thanks
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    secondhand automatic soil sampling probe

    just wondering what the best auto soil probe is? wintex seem to be the most popular but never see any second hand ones for sale. i will be mostly doing grids, normal w and some pcn.
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    suzuki jimny converted

    hi.. i am strongly thinking of changing my jd gator for a suzuki jimy landmaster for slug pelleting and soil sampling duties. it seems good in theory as it can be driven on road from job to job without the need for jeep and trailer. as with everything there are pros and cons, i realise it will...
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    new holland 7040 gps

    hi, a friend of mine has a 7040 newholland auto steer ready and is looking to get gps installed for drilling, bed forming etc.. what would be the cheapest and easiest way to go about this without having to go back to main dealer
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    agri spread lime spreader

    hi, i was wondering if anybody knows what the large heavy lookin chains which hang down from the rear down to the floor belt are for? would they have anything to do with trying to keep stones off the discs?
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    topcon x 20 to record field records+measure land.

    hi everyone, i have a topcon x20 in cab for use with yara n sensor. i was wondering, is it possible to use the x20 to record field records,measure field boundries etc saved to a usb or email back to office so i can print it off?