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    Conor side spreader muck spreader

    Hi folks I have an aged marshall 60 muck spreader that could be due for replacement...possibly could get another or iv seen a tidy conor 750 ....anybody had 1 ...know what they last like?... also a hi spec 800 is another option...don't want too get into the rear discharge being better...
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    Veg weeds

    hello folks.... up in cumbria here farms always grown veg to sell off the farm steading and like so many others I have been thwarted by the removal of so many herbicide products to control weeds .... so just a quick question as up here theres no too much info around as to sprays due too...
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    Same dorado 85

    Hello folks hope your all having as good a new year as the current covid allows.... I have a same Dorado 85 ...had it just over a yr got it with just 1150 hrs on it ..good clean tidy tractor really pleased with it....everything works except the blows cold air but not hot....being an...