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    Potato Rent virgin land with water

    As per title. What's the going rate on medium loam.
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    KV LD85 14" to 16" furrow width?

    I have a five furrow KV LD85 manual front furrow width adjustment and want to go from 14 to 16" furrows. Is it just a matter of putting the bolt down into the 16" hole after easing off the front pivot bolts on all five furrows? Will I also have to adjust the front furrow width on the cross bar...
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    Bamford Farmtrim Spares

    Anyone know of breakers who have hedgecutters. I'm looking for the deflector to go on the front of the flail head and a roller.
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    Moisture limits for milling and feed

    There doesnt seem to be any consistency amongst the merchants. Amything over 16% they say its at the discretion of the mill and just depends on the day. Ive done some wheat sampled at 12.25% P, 405 Hag, 75kg at 16.1%M Their moistures always read above my calibrated Marconi. I'd follow the...
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    Weevil in over-yeared wheat

    Laziness on my part, I left a ton of last years wheat in the bottom of a 20 ton kongskilde wooden drying bin. Started wheat other day and filled up the bin and put the fan on and loads of beetles or weevils have come out of the perforated side, little brown devils no more than 2mm length...
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    Temporary combine insurance for harvest

    Last November I rang the broker and took the combine off cover switching it to a newly acquired teleporter. No charge as just a straight swap. I thought there's no point in paying for cover while it's laid up. I intend to put the same combine back on cover next week for a months cover. Having...
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    Sprayer pressure delay setting in to work

    Setting in from the headlands with 24m sprayer and switching on the booms the flow rate on the Rds takes 15 yards to come up to target rate of 150 Litres a hectare flow rate. I've put up with this since the first pre em and as a result the blackgrass is showing for the first ten yards inside the...
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    PA1 and 2, Sprayer MOT and NRoSO

    Are PA1 and 2, Sprayer Mot and Nroso all necessary LEGAL requirements for people outside crops assurance?
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    Judging by the approval ratings it must be a wet day out there. See Daily Mail article this morning.... "Farmer puts up billboard slamming 'murderous, lawless' village"
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    Profitable Sideline? Rent a View

    I know of someone by the coast who was approached by some villagers whereby he guarantees not to plant trees or maze in front of the new developed houses behind. His agreement is renewable every five years. Does this happen anywhere else?
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    LPG Gas Pipe Extension DIY

    The cooker runs off a pair of 14kg propane bottles sited outside against the wall. I want to move the cylender thirty feet further away round the corner out of sight. Had a quote for £250 labour plus materials, hence posting here. Is it possible to cut into the 15mm above ground copper pipe...
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    Ploughing 14" furrow suitable tyre size

    I have a KV LD85 four furrow plough set with 14" furrows. I can hire a neighbours tractor on 520 / 70R38 rear tyres. They are set at 51" inside wall to wall. Is the tyre too wide for a 14" furrow? They look a bit wide to me for making a good job of matching up the bouts.
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    Closing Footpaths across private land

    All Footpaths less than 4 metres wide should be closed if abiding by the Boris 2 metre rule. How are people going to pass each other in the countryside?
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    PA 1 & 2 courses shut down?

    I need to get another employee on the course for back up. Given the circumstances, does anyone know if they are still running these courses. What happens if a sprayer operator is short on points if lock down. I want to just ignore all this rubbish and get on with the job. Has all this...
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    Amazon receipts and Vat

    Its been so simple to just click on the laptop and order from Amazon. Now my accountant is asking for all the vat receipts. It's a nightmare and puts me off ordering anything else from them. How do others sort out Amazon for accounting purposes?
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    Outdoor pig arcs, Planning Permission AONB ?

    Is it necessary to apply for Planning Permission to keep outdoor pigs in arcs on a field inside an AONB? Are there any rules re stocking density per acre? Is there a legal minimum distance the arcs have to be sited from a residential dwelling and a cross field footpath?
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    Which concrete mix

    I want to concrete a base for a shipping container 9 metres by 2.4 metres to sit on. Container would be storing 16 tonnes water in tanks plus basic container weight. It would be sited in the yard which already has a hard base. What mix would I need to order and what depth concrete would I need...
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    Claas Ares back end filters

    I've got a set of filters for the 567ATZ and about to change them for the first time. Is it just a matter of unscrewing the filters behind the rear wheel and putting the new ones back, or do I have to watch out that nothing springs out with them?
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    Containers planning permission?

    I want to sit two twenty foot containers one against the other to house a biomass boiler and buffer tanks. I would concrete a base. They would be plumbed into each other and then on to the workshop and house so i suppose could be classed as fixtures. Would you think I need to get planning...
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    Underground pre-insulated pipe price?

    I've seen some very different prices for pre-insulated pipe per metre. What's the going rate and which are the best value that conform to the RHI? How does one get it trade?