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    Avatar discs.

    Just wondering has anyone replaced their avatar discs with apm hardened versions,if so any problems noticed with horsch discs running north of 50 quid its gonna get expensive doing a re disc.
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    Hi, can anyone recommend me which refractometer I should be looking to buy there's plenty on Amazon just not sure which one to go for. Want it for doing cereals and grass. Tia
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    2 Charolais bulls for sale .

    2 charolais bulls available for sale of farm or at the bull sales at the end of feb herd is tb4 johnes level 1 10 years + bvd acreddited 10 years + bulls are bvd vaccinated for buyers benefit . please find videos attached. (109) Ravensworth Paul...
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    Agronomist charges.

    What would anyone say is a fair walking fee for a good indy agronomist, my feeling is between £6.50 and £7, with the ability to quote on recommendations made giving the opportunity to earn commission. I'm hearing of people paying £8 and above for indy advice and the opportunity to quote would...
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    Placed fert.

    Having had several discussion s regarding solid fert placement at drilling a fert rep tells us that there is no difference between broadcast on top fert over placed of the same analysis. does anyone know of any work or have any experience of this sort of thing at all. Any opinions welcome .
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    vertigo bean seed

    looking for vertigo bean seed, delivery county durham..
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    Environmental bill

    Just been watching the jokers in parliament discussing the new environment bill, do the nfu or other lobying groups have any say with these matters. I've heard them talking about water, planting trees,carbon sequestration but no mention of cover crops or direct drilling to aid the countries...
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    Berseem clover.

    Going to be on drilling o.s.r at the end of the week and got some companions to go with it and I need my mind jogging is 2 Kgs/ha about the right rate for berseem or should it be a bit more.
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    JCB 536 60

    We have a JCB 536 and it's causing a few issues now . The boom in and out function sometimes refuses to work the third service does the same as an intermittent fault , has anyone else had similar issues and know of a fix ... Tia
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    Grass weed

    At a friend's farm today they had this weed that they have rouged can anyone tell me what it is ? I have a nasty feeling I may already know the answer.
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    boogie xpro vs aviator

    can anyone tell me what the spiroxamine does that's included in boogie , and if there is any benefit over aviator …
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    General license renewal. Part one out to help people with lambs ,poultry ,pigs for crows. It's a start..
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    bean weevil and bruchid beetles

    thought this might be the best place to ask, we aren't using insecticides but I was wondering if people get to a point that forces them into using insecticides if they find an infestation of the above or do they just take the chance that beneficals will keep the damage to a minimum ...
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    companion cropping winter beans

    would anyone know if companion cropping winter beans with oats would work ok, we were just thinking about this one today wondering if there would be any aleopathic effect on the beans from the oats. the main reason for doing it are for a bit more ground cover through the winter and hoping...
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    Plant identity

    A friend has been out shooting today and was in a plot where birds have decided to hold up , n has sent me a few pictures of plants that were in the mix , would any one help identify these plants, I thought the seed pod was some sort of radish but I'm not sure
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    drill grants

    just going on from another thread and I thought this would be the better place to ask, is there any grants available or going to become available for no till drills ..
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    cover crop seed suppliers

    I was just looking on the farm marketplace for pedders cover crops for ideas and they don't seem to be being sold on there anymore is he still trading ? does anyone have any other recommendations for cover crop seed suppliers ?
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    Why would an Agronomist want to send out insecticides for aphids when there is abslouteley no sign of them being in crop ? Is that just a covering there own backside job? .. He was told that unless there is a problem there it definitely isn't going on too much risk to beneficals
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    What's hurting these radishes

    Got some radishes in a cover crop in one field that aren't looking to healthy would anyone have any idea from these photos what the problem could be. The field is following wheat , last autumn was treated with pico stomp and in the spring with palio .. p n k were all good in spring testing ...
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    can anyone come up with a reason why 3 litres of glypho would kill all the grass weeds/broadleave in a field but not touch the volunteer cereal ? not sure how much water was used as this is 2 fields that we contract drill for a customer n they sprayed it off trying to think of a reason.