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    Kongskilde Vibroflex or similar

    Hi. Just wondering if anyone could advise me on a shallow cultivator. For creating a bit of tilth on stubble or root ground. Looking to work 2"-4" deep. 3-4m wide. Realistically my budget is sub 2k. There are some affordable Kongskilde Vibroflex machines around, I just wonder if anyone had any...
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    John Deere mower conditioner 328 - year 2000

    I bought this mower last summer and done 80 acres. A bearing went under the top hat on the drive end. I stripped it down and replaced it. Unfortunately the top of the bed is cracked and when I put it back together the UJ catches on the top hat and the 'shield' below the gearbox. So the drive is...
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    Efarmer navi

    Hi, just wondering if anyone had heard of and the antenna that they are trying to crowd fund? I'm tempted to try it, but I wanted to know what people thought about entry level GPS systems for simple tasks like fertiliser on grassland. Thanks! Rich.