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    Suckler cows &straw

    Why not put it through a diet feeder and add a little silage you will have a nice blend and stretch your silage out and save on straw as its not cheap
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    Pneumonia in young calves

    My last five calves have taken a pneumonia that is really hard to shift I have taken a poo sample to vet they tell me it's a type of e coli that is resistant to most antibiotics so she gave me a antibiotic bottle but didn't shift it .any other types of drug that someone else may have had...
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    Foot Vax

    Is the footvax effective against cood
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    Ford 3000

    That s the tool
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    Ford 3000

    Tried the heat drum is very free try n to make up a type if puller atm
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    Calving cam

    Were.did you get it how much
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    Sudden Death of Sucklers in This Weather.

    Maybe lightning
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    Ford 3000

    Don't see anything
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    Laura Kuenssberg

    Is she the doll from new night christ she is hot for her age something very sexy bout that woman
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    Oldest machine on farm, dead or alive.

    Mf135 Don't know the year busiest tractor on the farm atm be lost with out her. Plus an 1984 780 in use every day
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    Ford 3000

    Il try that and keep hammering
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    Ford 3000

    Drum is very free must be stuck to the axle only.other thing I can think of been spraying wd40 on for a few days now it s bound to free up
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    Ford 3000

    Yes fully back
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    Ford 3000

    Trying to replace the brake shoes on my 3000 but can't get the brake drum of hitting it with chisle and sledge and heat but no luck any thing special to remove this drum
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    Same 130

    Probably a hair line Crack in the pipe or maybe dirt in line.blow her back may be crap in the tank see if that helps
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    MF 35x multi power

    I had one dangerous barsteward on hills in the wrong hands
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    Fodder beetAny being sold in sussex

    Yes but when you buying a blend god know what quality grain they are using and maybe ground up barley straw or wheat straw
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    Laura Kuenssberg

    I still think she s fit
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    Fodder beetAny being sold in sussex

    How would it compare to feeding a 15 per cent ration along with average quality silage just got a price for a load delivered 52 pound per ton it a he'll of alot cheaper that a blend and my cheapest ration atm is 270 a ton collected just weighing up how cattle perform on it
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    Fodder beetAny being sold in sussex

    I was gona wash it in an old diet feeder but you say it has to be dry