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    Freelander Question

    I have just purchased a 04 td Freelander which has a defunct clutch master cylinder and wondering if anyone has retro fitted a better one than the daft plastic one it has. I have a new one here now but find it a weird idea on something like a clutch cylinder to be made of plastic and not been...
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    Big Bud gets huge new Boots

    Crickey i would not fancy changing one of these..
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    HMRC refund text

    Don't know if its been posted before about this. I had a quick forum search but it came up blank. I had a text Friday saying i have a rebate due from the" HMRC" . I Googled the subject by chance and if you go on the website it opens a world of misery . I text the whole text to 60599 and got a...
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    Universal 640 DTC

    Was there some one after one of these a bit ago or was it my old head thinking it :scratchhead:
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    What be this wee beastie?
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    Twinshock Trials Bike Frame Wanted

    Has anyone got one collecting dust anywhere for a project. cheers
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    A bit of good news Well done North Staffs Police (y)
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    MF front end loader

    Just found this on Ebay and thought someone might like it
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    IH factory video

    Found this Gem of a Film .Apologies if you have seen it already.
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    MF /WELGER Round balers

    Just spotted this item.Looks like Fendt also having a dabble...
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    Worst Restoration Ever

    What the chuff is this muck..:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::scratchhead:
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    Awesome Show

    Sorry if seen already .
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    Cheap gas axe / Welding kit

    Nowt do with me but thought someone may be interested.
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    Just come across this site of interesting brands :eek::)
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    MF 35 HELP

    Hi Just popped in see a old chap i have not seen for a while who is mid restoration on said tractor. The lift arm shafts have broken off their splines and he has a new one on the bench to fit.He is worried about taking the top of to do the swap and is worried about any parts inside which may...
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    Any rough old field bike dirt bike etc or any motorcycle for a summer project as i am now to ill to work and need something to pass the time. Cheers IAN:)
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    Quick Welding Question.

    I have converted my mig to gas less as i hardly use it now. My usual bad welding is now even more like someone has spat a pork pie out .The leads i have heard have to be reversed for gas less welding is this true ? The topic may have been discussed before so apologies for that :)
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    Astle Park Anyone going? I past a traction engine with proper living van and a bowser behind that on the A34 Stoke on Trent on sat .It must have bad another 30miles to go to reach Chelford at that...
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    Vehicle electric question.

    Bought a oldish twostroke bike to fettle and now have a reverse in battery power problem. The bike is 12 volt but only the last model was made in 12 volt form so there is very few magneto ignition and charging parts about. The old ignition exciter coil is goosed and no longer available. I have...
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    Big Ode Vice

    Greetings all fettlers of the workshop I have a big ode fortis vice I've owned for years and no longer need.Its got quiet a bit of history to it as it came from a sale from a chap who was a wizard with Gardner engines who saddly died yrs ago. Works its got one bolt broke on the jaws which needs...