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  1. ollie989898

    Map for Direct Drilling

    I would bet money that more crops are established through minimum tillage or no-till than is ploughed across the world. A lot of the world's prime agricultural areas you could never plough as it would lose you too much moisture.
  2. ollie989898

    Direct drill longevity

    It's like anything, and I bet direct drills are one of the biggest victims of 'fashions' and also the weather. It's all new and shiny one minute and next season it doesn't seem to work and everyone is in the pub laughing at those crops of yours by the road. Some of them no doubt have expensive...
  3. ollie989898

    Which Forager?

    This is a realistic suggestion but if you have a sizeable herd and are doing multiple cuts it gets expensive fast. Farms of this kind of scale may also already have the labour on hand as well which makes a contractor less of an option, unless of course you just have the chopper and driver in.
  4. ollie989898

    Two positively sinister things, an ocean apart...

    I agree: the only logical course of action now is to accept that the virus can't be beaten in the conventional sense. It isn't going away. It will have to be relegated to 'just another coronavirus' and we will have to live with it. We have some effective therapeutic tools now as well. It's going...
  5. ollie989898

    Demolishing Barns

    Excavator and grab, separate materials into roll on skips as it goes. Bingo.
  6. ollie989898

    DPF regen

    All a DPF does is collect large (visible) soot particles and then burn them into a much smaller particle form that can't be detected. We're still burning ancient hydrocarbon reserves. It is madness when you think about it really. Electric cars for the masses cannot come soon enough really...
  7. ollie989898

    Crop stubble burning

    Fires are not uncommon in nature. Many species actually rely upon them. During a forest fire, low lying scrub is destroyed and bare soil is left. Taller trees may be charred but can remain alive. All the leaf litter and organic residues are gone, meaning the system has a lot of nutrient...
  8. ollie989898

    When is a Christmas Party not a Christmas party?

    She is fudging ace. Be PM material. Another Thatcher.
  9. ollie989898

    When is a Christmas Party not a Christmas party?

    I'm sorry guys, but it just has to be said, Patel, Jesus, she can lock me in a detainment facility and delay my processing any time. She's like the Lady Boss of nightmares. Put her in a matrons outfit and whoooooooooooooooosh!
  10. ollie989898

    When is a Christmas Party not a Christmas party?

    Fudging genius. How did they get the voices so perfect?
  11. ollie989898

    Which Forager?

    Given your location a Claas has to be the automatic choice I don't know of many krones in the region. Who sells them and what is the back up like would be my first question.
  12. ollie989898

    What's going on?

    There are still people out there who see a profit at the end of the tunnel, and I know some seriously good farmers who have mentioned before that if they could find the right farm and the right people for it they would have a go at a second unit as well. The 500 cow mark is surely a balance...
  13. ollie989898

    Two positively sinister things, an ocean apart...

    I agree but the health service is perpetually riddled by people who got there through self inflicted means. Do you intend to deny treatment to these also?
  14. ollie989898

    Oil boiler

    Our boiler heats the house and the hot water (we have a tank with a backup electric heater we have switched off and never used yet). During the summer our boiler turns on (driven by thermostat/timer controller) once in the morning and once in the evening. It uses a tiny amount of oil in the...
  15. ollie989898

    New toy day

    Why didn't you prefer the direct?
  16. ollie989898

    Two positively sinister things, an ocean apart...

    Seat belt is different, if I don't wear one and I'm sat behind you, in a serious frontal impact I become a mobile weight block that crushes you to death. Me being unvaccinated makes no difference to someone who has been vaccinated already.
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    Would you buy an electric vehicle POLL

    How many Mitsubishi cars do you see on the roads? Any model? They are carp.
  18. ollie989898

    Another (but different) Wellie thread

    Sometimes but not that often??
  19. ollie989898

    Would you buy an electric vehicle POLL

    Which hybrids are pants?