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  1. North East Crofter

    Sad news about North East Crofter

    With a heavy heart I am informing you of the passing of my dad Gavin Elrick (North East Crofter) He suddenly passed away on Wednesday the 18th November I knew he was a keen member of the farming forum and made a lot of friends on here, even met up with some over the years. The funeral will be...
  2. North East Crofter

    Barley pea mix

    This years experiment grew a mix of Barley 150 kg/ha (Westminster) and peas 80 kg/ha (Zero4) as a potential high protein feed for the sheep, worked quite well, need to have a clean seed bed before starting and no sprays that will do both barley and peas, 15 tonne/ha sheep muck pre ploughing...
  3. North East Crofter

    Grain pusher for tractor loader

    Hi collective, wondering about a small grain pusher for our 1.5 tonne loader on 105hp tractor, are you aware of any out there that would be recommended or has anyone created one? not looking to push grain to massive height approx 2.5 to 3 meters max. look forward to any comments. Kind regards Gavin
  4. North East Crofter

    SKH Cultivator tips

    Morning folks having trouble sourcing replacement tips for my SKH cultivator, does anyone know a source and part number for the tips and bolts (got the bolts easy enough). Thanks Gavin
  5. North East Crofter

    Green Manures Project - Aberdeenshire

    We are running a small research project on the effects of different types of different types of green manures funded by the Mains of Loirston Charitable Trust and the Soil Association. The project will be looking at the effects over 4 years and we are having an open day on the 19th of July at...
  6. North East Crofter

    Bale unwinder

    looking for a good condition bale unwinder
  7. North East Crofter

    GAIA Upgrade

    Hi have any of the GAIA owners out there the proposed generator upgrade being proposed by GAIA at the moment? Regards Gavin
  8. North East Crofter

    FORD Tractor Performance Monitor

    Hi Folks Tidying out farm office and came across a copy of the Operators Manual Supplement for the Ford Tractor Performance supplement Ref. No. SE 4209 12/87. Is this of interest to anyone? Regards Gavin
  9. North East Crofter

    Which Sheep to start a flock with?

    Discussing with son today for alternative enterprises for the farm and it looks like a small flock of sheep would be a good option, probably lamb inside Jan / Feb to fit in with other work and catch the better prices. Initial thoughts are Mule crossed with Beltex? Discuss :)
  10. North East Crofter

    Disc or tine

    Right guys, having taken an interest in the direct drilling threads for a while whats the difference between a disc or tine direct drill other than the obvious! I am interested in the potential benefits of improving soil structure and organic matter on our fine sandy loam / sandy silt loam...
  11. North East Crofter

    Turriff Show 2015

    Hi Folks, Turriff Show is on again this coming Sunday and Monday, Monday is the main agricultural show day. Anybody else likely to be there, I will be there both days. Gavin
  12. North East Crofter

    Nebraska Power Farming Show

    Has anyone been to the Power farming Show in Lincoln, Nebraska?
  13. North East Crofter

    Some Farm Pictures

    Some picture that my son has taken of farm activity over the last year or so.
  14. North East Crofter

    hydraulic flow control

    Hi Folks need to slow a bale unwinder down, what is the best type of control valve to get and any suggestions abut buying online. Thanks Gavin
  15. North East Crofter

    Scottish Goverment CAP Greening Advice

    Latest information on CAP greening measures in Scotland
  16. North East Crofter

    Farming Forum Study Tours

    Any interest among the membership for this type of venture, I for one would be interested in seeing the direct drilling guys operations and to identify if there are any options that could be taken North. Could reciprocate with study tours of the the local distilleries :). Look forward to the...
  17. North East Crofter

    23.1 R26 wheels and tyres

    Following the dampish harvest weather looking for a set of 23.1 R26 wheels and tyres to fit CLAAS Dominator 76 combine
  18. North East Crofter

    Turriff Show 2014

    Turriff Show on Sunday 3rd Monday 4th August the largest 2 day show in North East Scotland. Excellent show of Cattle, Sheep and Horses. If you are not harvesting come up to the show details on
  19. North East Crofter

    GAIA Turbine

    Just starting up the thread set up by Andy. Current production 56800 since July 2011.