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  1. Bully

    Expensive mistakes?

    Has anybody seriously regretted any choice of drill/coulter selection after investing a lot of time, money and energy into it? Currently in the process of choosing a set of ld coulters for a 6m Horsch Sprinter we have bought specifically for this job to establish cereals and beans. Everybody I...
  2. Bully

    Which Seeder Unit??

    Currently in the process of updating our OSR drilling setup and looking at changing seeder units. Have used a Techneat v2 on and off for the last 8 years with varying amounts of success and wanted others opinions of the good/bad out there.. Specific things like ease of calibration/ accuracy/...
  3. Bully

    Cultivators: Sumo - Trio 3 c/w Techneat seeder

    Cultivators: Sumo - Trio 3 c/w Techneat seeder Category: Cultivators Manufacturer: Sumo Price: £10950 Condition: Used Description: 2011 3m Sumo Trio Very tidy condition Shearpin model 800mm sumo multipacker Removable disc unit 6 legs Ferobide tiles on scrapers C/w 2011 Techneat...
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    Self-propelled sprayers: Case IH - Sp-3000

    Self-propelled sprayers: Case IH - Sp-3000 Category: Self-propelled sprayers Manufacturer: Case IH Price: £25000 Condition: Used Description: For Sale Case Gem 3000SP sprayer 2002, 7900hrs 12/24 mtr Immaculate condition and very reliable machine. Stocks slug pelleter LED boom and...
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    Tractor-mounted sprayers: Knight - 1200l

    Tractor-mounted sprayers: Knight - 1200l Category: Tractor-mounted sprayers Manufacturer: Knight Price: £8650 Condition: Used Description: 1998 knight 24m mounted sprayer. 1200l tank with bi-fold 24m booms in very tidy condition. Was purchased in November 2014 as a backup for our sp and...
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    Fuel Bowser

    On the lookout for a towable fuel bowser on a ball hitch for behind our pickup. Preferably somewhere around 1000l with 12v pump however not set in stone. Open to ideas so if anybody is aware of anything this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  7. Bully

    Wrapper hire?

    We are looking to hire our neighbours mchale wrapper to wrap some of our 2nd cut silage when the weather allows us to cut. What sort of price should we be looking to pay. Maybe only 500 bales or so and we will be supplying the wrap. Never done this before so just wondered if any others have done...
  8. Bully

    Welger round baler foam roller

    I'm after a new foam roller on the netting system on my rp 435. It's only a 70mm diameter piece of foam with a 30mm hole through the centre. I've tried looking for some online as genuine ones are £70 just for a piece of foam! Anyone any ideas where I might find one? Cheers!
  9. Bully

    Ez guide 250 keeps turning off

    We have a Trimble ez guide 250 which is used in the sprayer mainly for coverage just as a guide for turning on/off in short runs etc. after working perfectly for the last 3 years yesterday it decided to lose the plot. When powered up it goes through the normal process of loading up then finally...
  10. Bully

    Calibrating weigh cells on amatron 3?

    Is there a way to input the weight in the hopper in the box to calibrate as I was told all you can do is zero it when empty?? Currently putting 600kg bags in and showing 625ish although only 600 exactly on weighbridge.
  11. Bully

    Rowcrop tyre choice

    Currently looking at a new set of rowcrops to fit new spray tractor. Going for 14.9s as a good size with 50" rears. Will be rated at 50kph but currently torn between which tyre brand. Narrowed it down to Michelins or BKTs. About £500 price difference but wondered if the Michelins were worth the...
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    Who recognises this??

    10 points to whoever can tell me where this is from?? I've been sat on it for the last 2 days and only just realised today!
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    Protecting Paintwork from fert

    We are just awaiting delivery of our new grain and fert drill and are planning on how is best to protect it from granular fert. The hopper and metering/delivery system are fairly well protected anyway and arent too much of a problem but having seen a handful of threads regarding which products...
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    4 x tickets for Highland Show

    I have 4 tickets for sale for the highland show next week. Tickets are single entry for any of the four days. Booked them online on Tuesday night then got given 4 by a rep at cereals yesterday so surplus to requirements! £15 each instead of £22. Can either be emailed for you to print out or I...
  15. Bully

    Vaderstad or Horsch??

    Just in the process of pricing up new 4m drills and these are the main 2 were looking at. There's hundreds of vaderstads in the area and we like the idea of them and the build quality however also had a demo of a Horsch pronto last year which was equally impressive. Have seen another Horsch in...