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  1. Timbo

    BPS 2021

    Looks like mine is set to be paid tomorrow! No doubt alot will be glad of it.
  2. Timbo

    Kuhn / accord 3m disc coulter combi wtd

    Complete Outfit or drill demounted from powerharrow. Must be good condition
  3. Timbo

    JD HG part number

    Can someone tell me the part number of the current mls ( claas style ) head gasket for the 4v 6 cyl ?? Thanks 😊
  4. Timbo

    Engine Cooling fan supplier

    Someone mentioned they had used an independent firm to supply them with a tractor fan ?
  5. Timbo

    Round Baler Breakers

    After a rear door ram for a JD 572 (or 570 / 580 / 590 / 582 / 592 )
  6. Timbo

    CNH T6 wiring diagram

    Anyone got one? Specifically cab or HVAC system, but anything that covers T6.140 (2016+) will do
  7. Timbo

    BP Fabrications Stoke on Trent

    Looking at bale spikes etc. Anyone bought one his products ?
  8. Timbo

    Claas Forager / Combine Cab air con

    Have an error code of 2-01 showing at start up on the ac matic climate panel. Does anyone have a list of the fault codes please??
  9. Timbo

    Sutton's, Raglan

    Anyone used him and care to recommend ?
  10. Timbo

    JD 63 v 6430p....

    Aside from another 15hp, what are the differences ?
  11. Timbo

    Ford 7740 PTO

    '94 white roof, 7740, 8000hrs, on feeder wagon. So, suddenly PTO runs all the time no matter where the knob is placed. - No yellow PTO light at in either position. - Switch off - pto runs immediately engine is started and engine labours alittle - brake is engaged. - Switch on - pto runs, brake...
  12. Timbo

    That f/linkage guy

    Someone remind me ? TIA.
  13. Timbo

    Sunderlands Hfd Live Stream

    Do they? Anyone got a link?
  14. Timbo

    Lame Stock Bull

    Fighting an abscess infection in my Angus bull (deep in the clee) - he's had an extended 6 day treatment of Synulox and we thought we had him coming upright , but 2 weeks later its beginning to swell & heat again with him baring less and less weight on it despite a block on the good clee and...
  15. Timbo

    BPS Payments 2020

    Obviously abit early, but are we likely to face delays and re-mapping / questioning this year? Place your bets!!
  16. Timbo

    Situation Vacant March 2021 Lambing

    Lambing starts 20-03-2020 for 3-4 weeks with 400 ewes indoors. We require an experienced and capable Lamber to take charge of all aspects of lambing our Commercial flock for 3-4 weeks commencing 20th March 2020. You will be a proven Shepherd, and have several years established lambing...
  17. Timbo

    Changing Land Parcel Cropping

    Am intending to plough up a permanent pasture into Arable this autumn. Is it still a case of an RLE1 form or can it be done over phone or email now? Any BPS implications to doing so at this point in time ?
  18. Timbo

    6 monthly TB herd testing Shrops / Staffordshire

    Did this get any form of consultation before being brought in? Surprised no posts on here or in the weekly farming press? How are vet practices planning to cope when some already have a month+ lead time on testing as it is...
  19. Timbo

    Stubble cultivator?

    Something 150hp will pull - cheapish n cheerful ?
  20. Timbo

    JD 582 hi flow Baler

    Good , Bad or Ugly? Any tips or tricks ? Will just do abit of hay and straw - no silage. TIA