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  1. Stw88

    Soil analysis accuracy.

    Had some fields tested in August 2019 and applied lime @ 2t acre. just had the same fields retested and one that was ph5 has now lifted to 5.5 Which is just what I was expecting it to be. Now the field right next to it similar soil type but a hay field was 5.4 and has retested at 6.4. Is it...
  2. Stw88

    Blue merl foot rot drench

    Has anyone used blue merl‘s homeopathic foot rot drench? We use the orf drench with good results just wondering if the footrot drench is as good.
  3. Stw88

    On line tractor tyres

    Do many people buy tractor tyres on line? look reasonable prices. Which web site is best. Will obviously ring local suppliers as well but thought it was worth having some prices to bounce off them. Sadly need a few 😒
  4. Stw88

    Cobalt sulphate powder mixing.

    Found a pot of cobalt sulphate at the back of the cupboard and going to try giving a batch of lambs a dose to see if it makes a difference. Anyone know What is the mixing rate as the label has faded. ?
  5. Stw88

    Fibrophos or granular?

    Just had some soil sampling done and our p and k values are very low 0-1. Fert rep is suggesting 2.5cwt of 15-15-20 pre silage but im starting to wonder wether fibrophos would be better and lift values quicker with the bonus of all the trace elements? I have my own lime spreader so spreading...