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  1. Cheesehead

    Lawrence Edwards Wrap Count

    The wrap count on our Super Pac wrapper started only counting to two before it froze at that were twisted together were loose in the spade terminal block under the machine were loose in the crimp on connector I fixed that now though it doesn't want to work full stop. Any help other that dousing...
  2. Cheesehead

    Gyrax dung spreader

    Hi I was wondering if anyone knows exactly how tight or slack depending on how you look at it the floor chains are supposed to be on a Gyrax spreader as all I can find in the book is, "Make sure to maintain proper chain tension at all times." With no indication of what that exactly is. Thank you
  3. Cheesehead

    Ford DPS excess fuel plug

    Given things with injection pumps can escalate or end up complete pains in the neck I thought it best to ask first is it just as simple as removing the circlip then the plug to replace the o-ring or is it liable to launch its guts out across the yard at the unwary?
  4. Cheesehead

    Shearwell website

    Is it just me or is are other people finding the website glitchy when ordering tags as I can order a breeding pair of layout 1 Set tag for our texel crosses but when I try to order the batches of layout 4 for our Romney families things turn screwy. I'll add the first group ok though I have to...
  5. Cheesehead

    Insurance issues

    I was wondering if anyone has experienced similar issues both with their own or with the NFU Mutual as well. Last year nearly a week after the alleged accident we have received a phone call from the NFU to tell us that someone had reported we had hit them we asked for details as to where this...
  6. Cheesehead


    Does anyone know what the cogged equivalent of an SPB2720 is as I wrote down the number as we have got on better with them on our mower but now can't find the number other than for the above none cogged ones my dad just cooked
  7. Cheesehead

    Ford 6610 spools

    I was wondering and hoping someone might have an idea what our problem might be as though the 3pt linkage works fine we have lost all pressure at the spools on both sides they were working fine 5th bale into baling it wouldn't lift the tailgate or pick up but the baler works on our other tractor...
  8. Cheesehead

    McConnel PA gearbox

    I was wondering if it was ok to run our new gearbox with the breather on the side by rotating in 90° anti-clockwise as otherwise when the boom pivots the first time I knock something it is going to hit the pump. Our old seized gearbox sat 90° around to the new one but had a port on the top for...
  9. Cheesehead

    Is there a secret to round baling barley straw with a 648

    I don't know if there is some trick to round baling barley but no matter the speed I get to a bit like that and it gives the baler the farts. The pickup will stall then run, stall then run, stall then run then just stall with the clutch making it sound like it is farting. I had no trouble with...
  10. Cheesehead

    Machinery fires

    Out of interest after talking to a relative who nearly lost their combine this year to a fire and with a number of combine fires making the local papers this summer I was wondering if any of the manufacturers or those with expensive equipment had ever thought of install automatic fire...
  11. Cheesehead

    NH 648 net problems

    Hi I was wondering if anyone had had the same trouble before or if the know how to sort it out but every three to six bales the netwrap pulls back out of the feeder shredding the end where it can then take several times of rethreading around the spreader roller and into the feeder to get it to...
  12. Cheesehead

    McConnel PA34

    At the moment I feel like burying ours but at the price the new ones are it would be nicer to fix it earlier in the season while working the rotor decided to stop working, it just wouldn't turn, it has lacked power for a couple of years now when cutting the top of hawthorn hedges but has...
  13. Cheesehead

    Dung Trailers

    We'll need to replace our tipper trailer soon as if the sides become more bowed out it'll be more of a flatbed but looking at most of the 10ton tipper trailers for sale 2nd hand most have just a swinging tailgate which would have to come off and I am a little worried that it would then go like...
  14. Cheesehead

    Why is it so hard deciding on a sheepdog name

    We are soon getting a new bitch and we are having trouble deciding on a new name that we all like, after our last which is more of a cattle dog and too strong with the sheep which resulted in my father having to call her off them as she would just single one out and now won't go around them...
  15. Cheesehead

    Bead breakers

    Hi I was just wondering what ones people recommend and how easy the different ones are to use as I have had a look at which looks like the one our neighbour used to have and Sealey's hydraulic bead breaker...
  16. Cheesehead

    Amazone ZA-U Spreader

    Hi I was wondering if any know or remembers how to adjust the shutters as I found in the manual that it said that they were checked using a 12mm bolt with the shutters set at 8 but it does not actually state how they are adjusted and as the machine is as old as I am and my dad's mechanical...
  17. Cheesehead

    Ford 4600 wiring

    I was just wondering if anyone know which wire is what on the multi pin plug that connects to the wiper switch as none of the colours match those on the wiring diagram I have in a manual, a local firm is getting one for us but with the problems caused by Operation Stack still haven't got it in...
  18. Cheesehead

    Ford 4600 Charging

    Hi, our 4600 charging system is absolutely useless, it has the smame system as the TWs where it has a separate regulator pack by the fuel tank and battery about 6-7 years we brought a new alternator and regulator for it which were about £250 and £40 respectively but it still didn't work very...