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  1. Johnnyboxer

    This farming life

    Episode 4 on now on bbc iPlayer- bbc Scotland
  2. Johnnyboxer

    This farming life

    On tonight too 8pm BBC Scotland
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    Who's got snow ?

    Now on Buttertubs Pass, going into Swaledale He’s doing a cracking job Superb pic from Facebook
  4. Johnnyboxer

    Who's got snow ?

    Farmer working hard, above Hawes today Drifts up to 8’ apparently
  5. Johnnyboxer

    Spend some money for me !

    For Ltd Co's only If you spend £10k, you get 13k worth of capital allowances
  6. Johnnyboxer

    Morrisons Christmas advert

    Astute spotting 😉😎👍
  7. Johnnyboxer

    Ad blue delete recommendations

    So what if your tractor goes on the road, does it matter that the emissions kit has been removed ?
  8. Johnnyboxer

    Ssangyong musso

    Hydrogen instead?
  9. Johnnyboxer

    Land predicted to be below average flood level by 2030

    The Royal Family will have very wet feet when in Norfolk, plus not much left of Cambridgeshire, east of Peterborough
  10. Johnnyboxer

    Our yorkshire farm, problems, problems.

    On tonight Looks fine Love angry Barry the scarecrow
  11. Johnnyboxer

    Our yorkshire farm, problems, problems.

    Plenty of Irish farms with broods of 6-10/11 children growing up in the 1980’s and 90’s I reckon there’s a few still with 6-7 kids in the family nowadays 9 might be uncommon in England-but not in other countries
  12. Johnnyboxer

    Where is less Loony?

    How about Ireland? Big into farming and still under the Euro banner Seems more relaxed too Maybe an option?
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    Toyota hilux buying used
  14. Johnnyboxer

    Toyota hilux
  15. Johnnyboxer

    Ford Ranger - Oil dilution

  16. Johnnyboxer

    Ford Ranger - Oil dilution

    Very true Early belt changes are paramount
  17. Johnnyboxer

    Returning a pickup

  18. Johnnyboxer

    Wildlife Snaps

    Nothing runs like a Deer
  19. Johnnyboxer

    Treating the underside of a pickup.

    Sherwoods Automotive at the rear of Thirsk Mart (behind Greens yard) do Buzzweld and/or Lanoguard chassis treatment