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  1. S J H

    Who's joining me?

    Just had the red tractor inspection, I sadly haven't passed so won't be able to sell stock at the premium. I failed on health plan, health and safety plan, haven't got a needle certificate and when the dog was wormed. The whole thing has become an utter joke. BVD testing is recommended now, so...
  2. S J H

    Cold cutting house beam

    I have to cut out a steel beam in a house, so no sparks, does anyone know of a firm that would do this or would it be possible with a recip and a lot of good blade? Beam is a 254x254x73 TIA
  3. S J H

    Landquip/porta yards

    Has anyone seen one in the flesh? Been watching videos, and they look good to me, but wondering if anyone had any experience of them? TIA
  4. S J H

    Kids gator

    I’m looking for a kids gator, if anyone comes across one. Thank you very much. Sam. 07944 900006
  5. S J H

    Right of way

    We have a track that the neighbour has right of way over. They’ve sold part of the land and right of way, so I have to sign the changeover. I’ll get it checked over with a solicitor, but do I have to take the cost, or is it usually expected for one of the other parties to pay our costs? Thanks...
  6. S J H

    Truck vinyl matting

    Does anyone know a of a firm to fit vinyl matting to a navara? Fed up with carpets with dust and dog hair. TIA
  7. S J H

    Sheep record keeping

    When I'm moving sheep to a linked holding, do I need to write down indvidual tag numbers for anything over 12 months? I always thought it was just the total number to record in the movement book. TIA
  8. S J H

    Calf tag numbers

    Just trying to register calves but it won't let me input the numbers, I haven't got the tags yet, are the numbers registered once the tags are printed? Just thought the numbers would carry on from the previous sequence. TIA
  9. S J H

    Twinwall size

    I need to put a pipe in around 200m long, to drain around 3000 sq m of yard and buildings, it has a good fall, just wondered on a size diameter? Tia
  10. S J H

    Fertility of AI bulls

    Just scanned today, I have used 4 different bulls, I only served 2 cows to 1 bull and they haven't taken, just wondered if the fertility of straws differ? I know people say Welsh black is very fertil, but never knew if there was any truth in it.
  11. S J H

    Carbon credits

    I have posted this idea before, i wouldn't have the knowledge or appetite to pursue it, as it would be a bit of a scheme which I'm not really into. So if you have a company, work out their total produce of carbon. Then work out how many acres of land they would need to crop or grow trees to...
  12. S J H

    Is this Orf?

    any ideas? it's always bleed whilst suckling, but I thought it was its tongue, but has swollen up a lot this morning.
  13. S J H

    Modulamb hurdles

    I could do with buying some decent hurdles for lambing. I like the look of modulamb, just wondered if anyone had any other suggestions. I don't mind paying money for good ones that will last a long time. Fed up with buying crap hoop types (n) Tia
  14. S J H

    Aldi advert

    Well done to Aldi for the advert that has just aired on ITV. (y) That's exactly what ADHB should be advertising IMO.
  15. S J H

    Live exports

    With this being in the news at the moment, what sort of sheep are live exported at the moment? Is it the very smart beltex types or something completely different? @Frank-the-Wool @beltextexel
  16. S J H

    Combi clamp trailers

    Just thinking of setting something up for a combi clamp, I was originally going to make a sledge type like a shearing trailer, but I don't think it will help me out much. Ideally I need a trailer that isn't too low, with a pen to the side that will take the quad and a few sheep if anything...
  17. S J H

    Parlour SAC

    Listing for a customer, 16:32 SAC with needap acts and meters, collars and all dairy plant are also available, please contact me for further info, and I'll put you in touch. Sam 07944900006
  18. S J H

    Trident supabeet

    Does anyone have a contact for a pallet of supabeet or similar? Tia
  19. S J H

    Finding an old car

    Does anyone know how you'd go about finding a previously owned car? TIA
  20. S J H

    Agrimin bolus gun

    does anyone know if another type of gun fits the above boluses? I don't really want to pay £74 :scratchhead: