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  1. Jerry

    Cattle crush-Gloucester to Devon

    How much would it cost to haul a crush ?
  2. Jerry

    Lost Passport

    Ive got a few cattle booked in for two weeks time and just realised I cant find two of the passports. Doh! How long does it take BCMS to reissue them?
  3. Jerry

    Drill and Price Comparisons

    Just been speaking to a few people over the last couple weeks about a 3m drill to work across a mixed farm, so cereal, cover crops, fodder crops, stewardship and a bit of grass. Now the grant numbers are out, if I am right, its £12,054 contribution toearsd the drill.. Net prices are as...
  4. Jerry

    Morrisons Christmas Ad

    Better than some of them out there.
  5. Jerry

    Sussex barn fires

    4 barn fires in a few weeks in Sussex. Some in the media saying it’s an anti beef protest? Though probably some nutter doing it for kicks.
  6. Jerry


  7. Jerry

    Grazing post slurry

    I have little to do with slurry but I have some off lying grass that has been let out all summer. Went to fence it ready to move ewes onto it abs the tenant had treated it to a dose of slurry through a trailing shoe by looks of it. How long till it’s safe to graze, in lamb ewes, dry ewe lambs...
  8. Jerry

    Estimating weight

    I’ve never killed a bullock so no idea on how to estimate carcass weight. No means to weigh him but he is 28 months old and booked to go and be sold direct of farm I know exactly how my lambs kill out as been doing it years. So how do I estimate meat yield? ( for reference he’s a pedigree...
  9. Jerry

    Tupping-rate ewes go on

    Probably not, but is there any correlation between rates ewes go to the ram and scanning levels? Only ask as ewes went to rams on Thursday pm and 20% already marked. Going to be a busy start to lambing!!
  10. Jerry

    How to value a tractor?

    I’m in the very early stages of trying to decide to upgrade a tractor but don’t really have a good idea of what it is worth to start the number crunching. It’s a 2012 new Holland T6 -160 auto command but fairly well spec’d. Front linkage with PTO 4 electric spools and a divert to 3rd service...
  11. Jerry

    New long term ley seed mix

    Got a field that’s been grass since I was born that needs a fessed this autumn. Over summer it was sprayed of and redstart rape drilled to give it a break. Been grazed off once and will have a few more ewe lambs run over it again as a bit of regrow that showing and with today’s rain it should...
  12. Jerry

    Not rolling broadcast forage rape/turnips

    Manage to get 35 acres spun on yesterday onto stubbles that had been scratched over to get a bit of tilth. Plan was to roll last night but events prevented that. We’ve had about 18mm of rain overnight and this morning so it’s going to chit in another 48 hours I bet so no chance to roll...
  13. Jerry

    Grass fed Lleyn shearling rams

    Last few shearling rams ready to go. Top 5% sires out of very good commercial ewes, bred to work and do a job without melting. No hard feed. Shake a bag and they’ll run away from you! In heptavac system, mineral bolused, clik’d. Located near Exeter.
  14. Jerry

    Website down?

    Can’t log in, just get this screen …..
  15. Jerry

    Eat steak….😁

  16. Jerry

    Best solution for stand in footbath?

    This year is the worst I can remember strip leading to foot issues in lambs. I’ve been running them through formalin and spraying with Terramycin but still not cleaning things up fully. They moved onto fresh ground couple weeks ago on forage rape and I hoped that would help but still got too...
  17. Jerry

    Ivermectic - No Stock

    Anyone else finding ti hard to get Ivermectin drench? Cant seem to find anything local at all. Really dont want to use Zolvix but might have to bite the bullet.
  18. Jerry

    Ewes on forage rape ahead of cropping?

    Im going to have some spare forage rape drilled 6 weeks ago. Are ewes on it ore tupping ok? Will diet be too good and they go fat?
  19. Jerry

    Tardis Winter Barley

    Anyone grown Tardis? What your thoughts?
  20. Jerry

    Lleyn shearling Rams

    Born outside in March. Sired by top 5% index rams. No hard feed, just off grass. Selection to choose from. Located near Exeter.