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  1. Exfarmer

    VAT software for small business

    I have so far done all my books on Excel and being a small business have not needed to go digital yet. I know sometime soon all my books will need to be on line but am waiting for my accountant to advise on this. I have just been advised by HMRC I must go digital by next April for VAT so the...
  2. Exfarmer

    Insecure load

    How many people have been done for not strapping down properly? Fine possibly? Points Well what should the penalty for dropping a tonne of blocks off your load, destroying a car and coming close to killing 2 people? £10,000 fine? suspended jail sentence? Well at least loss of licence. No it...
  3. Exfarmer

    Climate change, heat pumps the answer?

    It is minus zero outside, thank god for my heat pump? oh dear it is not working that well, despite all the promises!
  4. Exfarmer

    Hypocrisy in the climate change protestors

    The hypocrisy never ends, two Olympic sailors are blockading the oil refinery in Southampton. Who is going to produce the jet fuel so they can fly off to their next contest? Who next Lewis Hamilton :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:
  5. Exfarmer

    Waste cooking and other oils in fuel

    I seem to remember not long ago the cheap fuel industry , which the supermarkets buy from, hit on a wheeze of using a lot of waste oil , fat etc. Then it caused issues with cars breaking down and the supermarkets banned it. So next they dumped it on the carrot crunchers, after all they would...
  6. Exfarmer


    I thought all people get these from time to time. I first noticed them 20 odd years ago but my optician was not concerned and said it is a sign of age. So Wednesday , I had 30 minutes previously had my Covid booster and was driving home when a very large one appeared ( I am of course talking eye...
  7. Exfarmer

    Applicants for an unadvertised job

    Would you consider an application for a job on an intensive livestock farm, from an email out of the blue?
  8. Exfarmer

    GB plates

    So what goons , have dared to rule that we now have to change our plates to UK. After more than a century it beggars belief that foreigners can determine what we place on our cars to identify a British vehicles! I find it incredulous that our government have allowed this change to be forced...
  9. Exfarmer

    Lamb to the USA?

    So have the Americans relaxed the ban on British lamb as was announced last week, or not?
  10. Exfarmer

    Big industry and our diets

    for many years consumers have been deluged with advertising backed by scientific fact to change their diet for health reasons. The first big campaign of course was the Margarine v dairy fat, with very convincing adverts that using margarines rather than butter were very much better for your...
  11. Exfarmer

    video of hay making in Montana

    interesting video of traditional haymaking in Montana We had a hay sweep when I was younger , I never saw it in action and I am 70!
  12. Exfarmer

    Boris fiddles

    An issue is raising its head which has been in the making for the last ten years,, or possibly more. However our leaders are too busy worrying about getting their skiing trips in next winter without being called out for hypocrisy that they have not noticed how this storm gathering. They have...
  13. Exfarmer

    wiring failure

    So last night about 8 I lost power to half the house, trip was out but left the lights on. So do the obvious and unplug everything , in fact nearly nothing was working at that time apart from the TV I was watching , which was not involved. Nothing would persuade the trip to go back on and...
  14. Exfarmer

    Solar output august

    Who is else is getting diabolical figures for this month? Have not got full figures yet but it looks as though in the East we will be 25% down on the average
  15. Exfarmer

    Export prices

    Without revealing anything, it is a very good day to be negotiating export contracts!
  16. Exfarmer

    Issuing self billing invoices

    Can anyone do this? I am in a situation where a large National company is refusing to acknowledge my correspondence. probably because no one there has a clue what I am on about. I am in a situation where every year I earn a few pounds but it is not mine and I would like to forward it to said...
  17. Exfarmer

    Towing headers

    I think I raised this point last harvest. Towing a 40 foot header down the road cannot be the easiest thing. Why do some farmers like to make their life harder by not reversing the points, surely cannot be too hard ! Is it a Suffolk thing 😂
  18. Exfarmer

    Lammas day?

    Whio knows what this day in the church calendar celebrates? I am very sceptical about many clerics 😀
  19. Exfarmer


    Posting here but feel free to move Not sure what the rules are quite, but I am certain what I saw yesterday on the A47 was quite wrong. A very large load taking up both lanes completely on one side of a dual carriageway with 2 police motorbikes and a car on the blues and twos. Except they were...
  20. Exfarmer

    Digital accounts for VAT and inland Revenue

    I know most on here will have changed over a couple of years ago. It now seems it is the turn of the smaller traders. Any recomendations for best system? I quite literally only do at most a dozen invoices a month