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  1. Greg101

    Where do I go to analyze part or all of a plant for nutritional value?

    Where do I go to analyze part or all of a plant for nutritional value? Is there a lab that will test it for me or have most plants already been tested for nutritional value. Thanks for any help.
  2. Greg101

    How do i figure out how much a cow weighs?

    How do i figure out how much a cow weighs without using a scales? I was wondering if any of you knew how to figure out approximately how much a cow weighs by height, width, etc. I don't have access to a scales(of that capacity) right now.
  3. Greg101

    How well does banding horns really work?

    My cousin bought a really good (humane) bander that is supposed to work on horns we got him to try it on one of our heifers that we tried dehorning but kinda failed (one grew back) so i was wondering if any of you guys had any experience with this method. it seems really humane vs other ways to...
  4. Greg101

    How much hay does a horse need daily?

    I know that for a cow they estimate 3% of body weight, but what is it for horse? I know it also depends on what type of hay and the condition of the horse. Basically i want to know how much approx they need so as to minimize waste, horses anymore unless you are a breeder/racer/rodeo guy they...
  5. Greg101

    Is a year old calf to young to get bred?

    We have a 21 month old gersey/south poll hiefer that showed up with a calf. the calf is really active (even if it is really small) and the heifer seems to have plenty of milk. Is there anything to do to make sure they will be fine? its getting pretty cold around here right now.
  6. Greg101


    Does anyone have this problem and how do you cure it naturally? I did a little research and found that if you have a calf available to put it on the effected quarters, else you will have to mimick what a calf does, as in massaging or carefully bumping the udders while you milk it, best by hand...
  7. Greg101

    Mowing before/after rotaional grazing.

    I've been wondering how many other people have the same ideas as to whether or not you should mow in a rotational grazing system as I do? I should propably clarify that the type of mowing i am refering to is the mowing most people do to keep brush and invasive species down. I think if you have...