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  1. Hummin-Cummins

    Poorly tup

    Got a very poorly Beltex x Charolais ram, he’s just coming 2 yo, bought him in a week ago as was scouring badly and looked a tad ill. vet was here tb testing so took a look- recommended various treatments (fluke and wormer, AB’s) which i gave him but hes not eating and is becoming ever...
  2. Hummin-Cummins

    Cattle drowned after being chased by dogs!

    Not much information but livestock worrying incidents are becoming far to frequent and far to costly, i feel something needs to be done.
  3. Hummin-Cummins

    Wanted- BB bull or BB x Lim bull

    After a dark/ black Blue or Blue x bull if anyone has one for sale.
  4. Hummin-Cummins

    Blue on AAx cows

    Anyone using blue bulls on angus x cows? We’ve tried a few AI for spring calvers due in march but had debated doing some of the autumn calvers but unsure what calves will turn out like? Just wondered if any of our TFF community had any experience with similar cattle? TIA H-C
  5. Hummin-Cummins

    JCB JZ70 start issue

    Jz70 was working fine then just stopped suddenly. When you try to start it it will fire straight up then stop immediately, The stop lever solenoid moves to run position when it fires then goes straight back to stop position. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated TIA H-C
  6. Hummin-Cummins

    Help: JD 6920 electrical issue:

    John deere 6920 auto pwr command arm, blowing the fuse for pto 4wd and difflock have checked switches under mudguards, looms to relevant solenoids etc also checked loom in cab behind r/h cab pillar but to no avail. Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated as im about stumped for...
  7. Hummin-Cummins

    Home made self locking on feed barier

    Has anyone ever made a self locking yoke on an IAE diagonal feed barrier ? Was debating trying to make something that works as a yoke if I need be to suckle a calf or similar if needed. Any help, pictures or suggestions greatly appreciated TIA H-C
  8. Hummin-Cummins

    Cattle passport

    I have a steer thats 9 months old and it turns out i never registered it for some unknown reason, anyone know whats the best thing to do? TIA
  9. Hummin-Cummins

    JD3200 loadall steering ram seals

    Hi does anyone have a good source (better than main dealers ridiculous price) for steering ram seals on a JD3200 loadall please? TIA H-C
  10. Hummin-Cummins

    Cow condition

    Our spring calving cows came in around a month ago, the calves were weaned off them after 10 days or so they were reasonably happy with the process as didn’t grumble to much. I put them on barley straw for a week or so to help dry them off and they have sunk like you wouldn’t believe. They’re...
  11. Hummin-Cummins

    JD 7400 forager problem

    Our 7400 has developed a weird electrical fault 1st its started saying low engine oil pressure but that’s definitely a sensor as have put a gauge on to make sure, but it will also put the cutterhead into gear on its own which is not good, if you put the switch in and out that will turn it off...
  12. Hummin-Cummins

    Welger RP435 problem

    Hi baler gurus out there, I’ve got a welger rp435 the baler usually flies but today it seems to be having major issues! It keeps grabing grass before the bale starts to rotate and throws it up into the netting chamber therefore having to get out every bale to clean it out and push the rubber...
  13. Hummin-Cummins

    Named Sire scheme

    How legitimate is this? I have a ruck of calves i bought that are supposedly“named sire” (sire details have been supplied etc) but nothing on the passports? Im told you just wright the sire details on top of the passport when u send them to kill?? Doesn’t sound very official to me. Any thoughts...
  14. Hummin-Cummins

    Combine hire 400-500 acres

    Looking for suggestions for combine hire for 400-500 acres next season. Rape, wheat and spring barley, so a 3 -4 week season for the acreage unfortunately TIA H-C
  15. Hummin-Cummins

    Cross hydraulic valve for drill markers

    Any one know where i can get one of these ?? TIA H-C
  16. Hummin-Cummins

    Deutz 2780H hyd oil issue

    Does anyone know why the main oil tank is overflowing with oil? Had oil cooler off recently and not sure I’ve bled the system as well as it needs to be so that may be the issue not sure, Any help and advice is greatly appreciated TIA H-C
  17. Hummin-Cummins

    JD 6920 transmission calibration

    Does anyone know if you can calibrate the forward/ reverse clutch pack on a JD6920 through the dash? TIA H-C
  18. Hummin-Cummins

    Silobal eco film

    Has anyone else had trouble with silobal film this year ? I seem to be having constant trouble with it on our Mchale fusion, dont get any bother with silotite and other makes just this stuff, it breaks easily and 8 times out of 10 when i start to wrap a bale I’m having to get out to tie it back...
  19. Hummin-Cummins

    Viral lung complaint called O.P.A

    A close friend of mine who has recently started up sheep farming bought some in lamb ewes from market a month ago, and today the auctioneers have sent him a full refund and advise him to take the ewes direct to slaughter due the the previous owner having discovered some of the flock have a...
  20. Hummin-Cummins

    Shear grab

    After a shear grab to fit JD loadall (matbro cone and pin brackets) Any size considered! Herefordshire Thanks in advance H-C