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  1. DartmoorEwe

    Has any TFF members published anything?

    I met someone the other day who published a book and it got me thinking. What's out there?
  2. DartmoorEwe

    Louping Ill vaccine

    I'm fairly enthusiastic to vaccinate my replacement gimmers having now lost 6 lambs in a week. My vet says the existing louping ill vaccine has been withdrawn. If anyone knows of any still for sale please pm me - I only need 25 doses. I found this article...
  3. DartmoorEwe

    I'm not blaming the feed ...

    I'm not blaming the feed but today I was putting a dead lamb into a sack marked "Lamb Finisher".
  4. DartmoorEwe

    home haylage analysis fun

    I want to find out what I can about my haylage. I could send it off and get a printout of numbers but where's the fun in that? I've weighed and measured one bale (352kg 90cm x 82cm x 175cm) without wrap. I've currently got a batch drying in the oven to give me an idea of its %ge dry matter. -...
  5. DartmoorEwe

    Sheep scanner recommends

    Have just learned that my scanner has given up. Any recommends for a scanner near Yelverton / Tavistock area?
  6. DartmoorEwe

    combi clamp foot pedal flange

    What is the flange on the side of the foot pedal for? If it was not there then nothing could get pushed under it stopping the clamp closing at the crucial moment. It must have a purpose or else why have it. Cutting it off is a one way trip so before I do that ... The metal bar indicates...
  7. DartmoorEwe

    AHDB on "Is eating less red meat really a win ..."

    They really could not have buried this any deeper but at least they are trying to answer the question.
  8. DartmoorEwe

    Sheep scales shock absorbers

    I have old sheep/pig scales bought through e-bay. They weigh a sack of feed accurately but vary with pogo lambs between 0 and 100kg and back. Discovered no shock absorbers. It looks like there is a place to put something but there's nothing there. Need something not too big just to moderate...
  9. DartmoorEwe

    "Be careful whose advice you pay for"

    Baz Luhrmann has a lot to answer for The question is: whose advice is worth paying for? Obviously, I'm asking for free advice on this matter and Baz is silent on what to do with free advice so ...
  10. DartmoorEwe

    shedders and scab?

    I get that shedding sheep will be less prone to fly strike and lice but what about scab? Opinions?
  11. DartmoorEwe

    Post driver

    Looking at this post driver Onto this machine What are buttons on a joystick like to use in comparison with a lever control. Do we need side tilt and external controls when we will only do a small amount of fencing per year? Preview...
  12. DartmoorEwe


    Vet just diagnosed listeria in a hog with 2 week old lamb and another has just gone the same way. There was one dodgy bale. What is the disease progression? Recovery? Survive but live with long term problems? How can I get the hogs to drink? Has anyone tried tubing fluid in; she's...
  13. DartmoorEwe

    First time lambing ewe hogs

    Oh heck, what have I done? They've only gone and done it by the book and got up the duff. It all seemed like a fun game when the ram went in. ... it was bound not to work "because our sheep never read the instructions" but now that the results are back and ... I was planning on lambing the...
  14. DartmoorEwe

    clever rats

    Just checking my bait station today to discover that the clever rats, knowing the red seed are bad, have taken steps to stop themselves and others succumbing to temptation (smells just like chocolate to me) that they have covered it with rubble. If I had thought sooner I'd have taken a photo...
  15. DartmoorEwe

    20 doses enzovax

    Seem to have got through the flock and have some left. They have been kept in fridge. Any offers?
  16. DartmoorEwe

    How about a dip?

    A good neighbour has offered to run mine through his dip after his - won't cost much, we'll "owe him one". The flock would need to travel in another neighbour's lorry there and back, don't have the numbers to make it worth setting up here. We'll probably "owe him one" too. The flock are not...
  17. DartmoorEwe

    guess the make

    I don't know the answer. Does anyone know what make of forks these are? I need some longer forks but the carriage is fine. The spacing is just a bit wider than class 2.
  18. DartmoorEwe

    scab or lice

    I have a microscope for FEC. I can't find anywhere that explains how to take a skin scraping or wool sample to discover what is making my sheep itch. Any experts out there?
  19. DartmoorEwe

    clipex sheep fencing

    I'm about to buy clipex posts for 2 x 130m straight stretches to protect a devon bank as part of some stewardship work. What I need to know and cannot find on the web is do I really need sheep netting or can I keep sheep in using plain well tensioned wire?
  20. DartmoorEwe

    carbon offsetting for concrete

    One reason why the yard has never been concreted is because of the "environmental disaster" associated with CO2 and concrete. I can't help it that the previous generation were hippies and they're still here so I must answer their concerns even if I go ahead with the concrete anyway. I must be...