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    Waltershied PTO wide angle joint

    We got a new shaft for a machine direct from the manufacturer through our dealer. Now I've noticed that there's no grease nipple on the centre piece of the wide angle joint just 1 on each yoke either side . Is this normal now? it's the first time I've seen 1 like this we just got another new...
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    Holt tractors Hailsham

    As above anyone dealt with them ?
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    Grain/ muck trailer

    Anyone selling or know of a 14t + trailer Requirements are long 20ft plus so it can take 2 grabful of muck long preferably air and oil brakes commercial axles with flotation tyres
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    New build family home

    So after 2 yrs after starting to think about building our new home and trying 4 sites I finally got to start levelling our site out this week. The hole is 22m long x 12m wide That's as much as I can get done just now I'll need to get back to farm work till the builder hopefully comes in...
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    Sumo trio rape drill

    We've been sowing rape with the sumo since 2012 putting seed in front of the roller and getting good results with it . But last summer we got a lot of rain just after drilling and I think a combination of low seed rate and some being buried too deep in the light ground we had some patchy...
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    Sumo seeder

    Anyone tell me if I can run this from the iso socket in a tractor to get forward speed?
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    Portek mk4 gas gun

    Things really have gone nuts now !!!. Bluetooth to set a gas gun up :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: I picked up our newest gas gun from a hedge back and chucked it in the the gator drove 2 miles only to find out they're bluetooth now to set them . I mean really is...
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    Railings and gates

    Anyone point me in the right direction to get decorative metal pieces for welding into railings and gates. Like grain stalks and heads leaves and flowers etc
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    JD 2630 or newer

    Looking for a JD screen 2630 or newer must have autotrac activation with it .
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    Wanted JD 2630 or newer

    Looking for a JD screen it must have autotrac activation not fussed for any others if anyone has one for sale
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    Fendt 700 series

    Got a tractor for a demo it was dropped off when I was busy so haven't been shown what to do my fault not the dealer before anyone says anything. Is there an easier way to change the cruise speeds other than going through the screen??
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    Bunning muck spreader

    How do you fit new floor slats to a bunning spreader? Inside the spreader or underneath with the chain tension off?
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    Lexion 750 2017 model

    Anyone got one of these I can get a pic of the plates on top of the straw chopper. We had ours changed it only makes a decent swath in a big crop now I'm looking to change it back but can't remember what the original was like
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    Arag 400s

    We've got an arag 400 s and a novatel receiver in a Househam spirit and twice now the Househam tech guy has tried to put it onto SBAS correction and it just beeps and put a warning up saying insufficient GPS signal this can be fine for a while then start it in the middle of a 50 acre field so...
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    Kverneland geospread

    I've been spreading at 24m since I got it what's involved with going to a wider spread for the section control side of it just a case of changing the width same as the spreader?
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    Stone trays for heva rollers

    The original stone trays are very small on them so I've made my own 85cm long 20cm deep 50cm wide at the top
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    Sumo trio legs

    We got 6 new genuine legs for the trio and having trouble getting metal to fit . Has anyone else had an issue? The hole for the shin piece is about 4mm out and no way can you get the roll pin through it just flattens the end . Sumo are sending 6 legs up to the dealer from the factory that...
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    Stocks wizard

    How many of the 5mm toothed wheels do you put in to sow 10kgs/hec of fodder rape seed using all 8 outlets ? I only have to change it from grass to small seeds once a year and can't remember if it's 1 or 2 of them . I'd usually just try it but it's probably not gonna be me using it this year
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    Subsoiler leg on a digger

    We've got some very wet bit that are badly tracked so need to water let away so had a morning in the workshop and came up with this using a bent sumo leg . It works quite well you don't get much in one pull but its quick so easy enough to get on with
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    Mckee trailer's

    As above has anyone got one they're a new name to me ?