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  1. Andrew1983

    Tying in a wood burner to a central heating system?

    Is there any way we can add a log burner with back boiler to our kitchen which could be tied into our heating system which is an oil fired combi boiler with a pressurised system? Boiler in the garage. I’m sure iv been told before it can’t be done with a pressurised system but can anyone tell...
  2. Andrew1983

    vadertad 300 super

    Have the option of a reasonably clean mid 90s one of these. Has anyone used them for direct drilling into grassland? Thinking clover. The discs are fairly worn, what sort of money is in a set of them?
  3. Andrew1983

    Straying stock

    So last week we had a call to say heifers out, went and put them in, then 3 days later we get a call from a house to say they had been in their garden, direct neighbour to our property who have had plenty favours from us in the past. The place was a total jungle of long grass and trees but they...
  4. Andrew1983

    Patching big 6 sheets

    Have a roof on a shed which is getting in a bad way, it’s 60s built asbestos cement sheets that has rotted though at nearly every skylight. Will eventually have to re roof it but has anyone found a successful way of patching the holes? How tricky is it to slide out a bad sheet an push a new one...
  5. Andrew1983

    Lime application for spring crops

    When’s best to get lime on for spring sown crop, now onto stubble when it’s dry then ploughed down over winter or onto ploughing in March before drilling.
  6. Andrew1983

    Alternative to pick ups

    Looking for options to replace a van at mrs work (vet practice) they currently have 1 L200 and a few berlingo sized vans. The large animal vets are towing a tipper crush at times and there’s a bit of conflict with vehicle sharing so in an ideal word they would run 3 pickups. Seeing as there is a...
  7. Andrew1983

    Deep cycle leisure batteries

    Can someone explain the difference in a 250ah battery and a 120ah, for a horse box with basic living accommodation. Is it just a case of the bigger battery lasts longer? Struggling to justify the spend on a new big one for a couple nights I will be in it a year. (Mrs might be in it more often...
  8. Andrew1983

    ESMA mobile driers

    Anyone have experience of these? Good or bad, service/ parts back up? I hadn’t heard of them before in this area but have found a couple online while looking for a second hand drier, I had wanted either a Master or Mecmar but proving difficult to find.
  9. Andrew1983

    Supply chain issues?

    What are you waiting for that was due days/weeks/months ago? I had months to wait for parts for a hedge cutter ordered in January arrived end of March! A new combi drill ordered October due March still hasn’t arrived, pins for the power Harrow tines on the old one took about 3 weeks arrive, the...
  10. Andrew1983

    Welding on a power Harrow

    Any pointers for welding up tine holders on a power Harrow? It’s obviously not just mild steel.....
  11. Andrew1983

    JD command pro

    How are people finding them? I have the chance of an in stock new tractor with cp, I had previously ruled it out as unnecessary, would save £1k by waiting until august for a new tractor order or could have this one in a week or 2. That would actually suit me as can get it kitted up with new...
  12. Andrew1983

    Premium vs Ultimate spec on JD

    Anyone know what extra an ultimate has over a premium? Is it just Led lights?
  13. Andrew1983

    Grass seed mix for grazing

    I have always put in a general purpose mix for cutting an grazing. I’m wondering is a sole purpose grazing mix worth looking at, is there any benefit to it? The long term Leys we have normally get cut the first year then sheep grazed until they are established enough to stand cows in the 2nd...
  14. Andrew1983

    Livestock software

    I have been using the SAC livestock recording program for cattle movements, passport applications etc. I get on ok with it but my laptop is on its last legs. I have an iPad and iPhone. I am grudging buying another laptop as this is all I need it for. I would like to use an app where I can just...
  15. Andrew1983

    Preserving stock feed potatoes

    Normally get offered stock feed potatoes in May, we take them and mix with silage and clamp them which has worked well the last couple years. I am contemplating keeping back my tail end of yearling stores to graze and hang up in October/November. I’d prefer to feed them tatties near enough all...
  16. Andrew1983

    Box profile sheet repairs

    Anyone have any tricks for repairing sheets? Bale fell against the new shed today 🙄 has to be the first bit seen when drive down into the farm yard 🤦‍♂️ Might just be a case of taking the sheet off an replacing it.
  17. Andrew1983

    Tru-test ez7

    Have the above with twin bars under a cattle crate, went to weigh some bulls this week and it would only display error 5, then eventually that went off but it now says zero can’t be found or maintained and when a bull went into the crate the weight just kept climbing. Any ideas what’s wrong?
  18. Andrew1983

    Lean too question

    How far can you span clear without a middle support? Would 40ft be possible? Have 20ft eves to start at and the land slopes away from the shed so potential for a decent pitch and still maintain a good height at the lower side.
  19. Andrew1983

    Stirling Bull sales

    Anyone going? Picking bulls is not going to be easy with no show 🤷‍♂️
  20. Andrew1983

    Mobile grain drier

    Wanted 12 ton + drier in good working order.