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  1. Hesstondriver

    How far can a cow reach - feeder design ?

    i need to make a bale feeder but cant decide on width. bateman ring feeders are 7' in diameter, and ive not seen waste in the middle , but most square feeders are only 5' if i made a feeder 9 x 6 would cows be able to reach ?
  2. Hesstondriver

    Our charity heifer donation for Breast Cancer

    Whilst this is a blatant personal plug, I feel it’s time to put this on here as it is agricultural and very topical! Having been personally very close to some one who has suffered Breast Cancer, My wife and I have decided to put forward one of our pedigree Simmental heifers for auction at H&H...
  3. Hesstondriver

    When to feed lucerne silage

    i know the 'how soon can i feed grass silage' question has been done many times, but i cant find anything on lucerne silage. i cant imagine it is any different but thought id ask first ?
  4. Hesstondriver

    2 bulls Cambridge to Stirling

    got two bulls entered for Stirling sale, haulage plans have changes so any one going up north, next week let me know cheers
  5. Hesstondriver

    What’s eating my clover ?

    Just wondering what’s eating my clover and Lucerne. I’m assuming flea beetles? (excuse the spaniel feet)
  6. Hesstondriver

    waste exemption for cleaning a pond

    what is the process for cleaning a pond? as below the D1 permit refers to unconnected waterways - of which a solitary pond is not surely also is there any timing restrictions on cleaning ponds or ditches ?
  7. Hesstondriver

    Massey Ferguson 5465

    We’re thinking this sort of tractor or possibly 5475 would suit us , if anyone knows of one or one coming up a pointer would great The 64 series are bit too bulky, but would still prefer 6cyl . Happy to travel or wait for the right tractor
  8. Hesstondriver

    RDS control boxes

    specifically for bale wrapper - can you deal direct or are there dealers / agents to buy through ?
  9. Hesstondriver

    Grease point stickers supplier

    can any one point me in the direction of a supplier for a roll of stickers to identify grease nipples / lube points. ive got them on lots of machines , usualy about the size of thumb or thumb nail . but i cant find anywhere on line / uk a bit like these : cheers
  10. Hesstondriver

    changing power harrow oil / grease

    after the flooding my muratori Ph now has water in the bed on top of the oil ! whats the best way to drain and change the oil on this please ?
  11. Hesstondriver

    Simmental semen wanted

    After a accidental loss of some semen we are looking to replace some Woodhall Ferrari semen if anyone knows of any
  12. Hesstondriver

    Alan Bartlett Carrot growers to close

    this ones a bit of a shock 300 jobs at stake being at the mercy of the supermarkets i guess @slim shiny - any word on the street ?
  13. Hesstondriver

    Ride on pallet truck

    Still ride on pallet truck , selling as spares or repair. It has sat out side for a bit We have charger with it £350 - otherwise it’s going on eBay .
  14. Hesstondriver

    Plastic euro pallets

    Are these any use to anyone? Not after much more than a few beer tokens for the lot .
  15. Hesstondriver

    Farming board game ?

    Looking for a fun farming oriented gift for young farming couple and thought of a Farm board game ? any recommendations or ideas please ?
  16. Hesstondriver

    Calf weaning weight as a % of cow weight

    We weighed the calves at weaning as usual and also weighed the cows at the same time . I’m just having a play with some numbers To work our calf weight as a % of cow weight and then benchmarking my cows having worked out a Dlwg. how do I or should I adjust for cow BCS ? As this could massively...
  17. Hesstondriver

    cruso wilkin sale at Terrington - Kings lynn

    did anyone go ? @Will 1594 ? just wondering what the masseys made ?
  18. Hesstondriver

    if a track is marked on my RPA maps, is it official ?

    A field access roadway is marked on my RPA maps, (marked as a track) it is predominantly soil not a made up road way. do i need to make a PD / prior notification to put a proper stone roadway in ? unfortunately it is not suitable for JFDI if there is any doubt as a nosey parker complained a few...
  19. Hesstondriver

    recommendations for supplier of shipping container chem store

    im looking for a 10' x 8' bunded store , just looking for a decent supplier if anyone has recommendations cheers
  20. Hesstondriver

    What would the Simmental of the sheep world be ?

    This came up in conversation last night , and we were comparing sheep and cattle breeds like native lowland cattle and sheep and also the extreme muscle continental types of both . But what would the Simmental equivalent be ?