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  1. Exfarmer

    When is a Christmas Party not a Christmas party?

    My info , is that she is incapable of running a pee up in a brewery!
  2. Exfarmer

    When is a Christmas Party not a Christmas party?

    But they told everyone else, they must not do it. If we should not why should they? Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander, and all that!
  3. Exfarmer

    When is a Christmas Party not a Christmas party?

    But these are the guys setting the rules! I always understood that this country was one of the few in the world where no matter who you are, the law wasthe law, but this present lot are obviously far above it.
  4. Exfarmer

    Insects for Protein in Laying Hens.

    You forgot the bit where you let them out in the morning and they all have a good look round the yard and their neighbours , to decide who is todays victim. Then they fall upon said bird stripping its feathers and often leaving it dead
  5. Exfarmer

    Storm Arwen

    Government spokesman tonight said no storm like this had been seen seen for 60 years. Wonder where he was in 1987 then when we had winds of 115 mph here We lost thousands of trees and power was off for a fortnight in Norfolk That was when Sevenoaks in Kent became Oneoak 😉
  6. Exfarmer

    Storm Arwen

    Must be complete twit as the garage doors have to be openable normally by pulling a small cable inside
  7. Exfarmer

    Over heating problem

    This shoyld have been in the machinery thread
  8. Exfarmer

    Used wind turbines

    The trouble is that these small turbines have a very poor record for reliability. I too would be in the market for a turbine up to 50kw. if I could find one suitable. Trouble is that owners paid big money, but without FITs they are worth very little really
  9. Exfarmer

    Scunthorpe area

    May be worth giving GL cars a ring in Tostock Suffolk. I cannot speak for them though
  10. Exfarmer

    Need Advice, Indian Farm land, noobs to farming!

    in the UK all public water supply is potable and very expensive to use for irrigation so except for watering small gardens etc. is normally drawn from a private bore. these tend to be about 18 inches diameter and 2-400 feet deep. Most traditional wells in the UK are too shallow with too low a...
  11. Exfarmer

    Heat pumps

    if the dog parked himself elsewhere he would not need a jacket, or was he just looking to cool off :ROFLMAO:
  12. Exfarmer

    Heat pumps

    that must make the meter spin :) Thought my 7 Kw was bad enough
  13. Exfarmer

    Beet yields 2020

    have they not just had another good blaze?
  14. Exfarmer

    Heat pumps

    dont you believe it, I understand most Tory MPs have woodturners, merrily claiming their RHI ;)
  15. Exfarmer

    No gas suppliers

    Bummer I was with Zog
  16. Exfarmer

    ON / Off grid to use renewables generation in a grid outage?

    to be honest I dont think it would, but we have informed the site they must disconnect before firing up. It is a site which has chickens and is remote so get frequent cuts
  17. Exfarmer

    ON / Off grid to use renewables generation in a grid outage?

    I have been told they would blow the generator apart if they produce too much power when the load is small I am looking at a 110K array
  18. Exfarmer

    Solar Panel barn

    welcome to renewables :) you should get a decent yield down in thew Auvergne I rather like the sound of 100K Euro for 100 Meg ;) Even 100KW is a decent sized shed 6,000 Sq M +
  19. Exfarmer

    Narrow lane

    Not so sure local developers here have been walking over planning for years .next door but one 4 new houses had permission to go in behind the building line. They went in front to the ire of my very wealthy neighbour. Approval was granted after construction was finished. They also were released...
  20. Exfarmer

    Rivian electric pick up

    Same issues with Space X ;)