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  1. Welshlamb

    How much are stockfeed swedes worth?

    Plenty of fodder beet around to buy, but ive never seen stockfeed swedes for sale. Is there much of it available to purchase, and how much would it be delivered ?
  2. Welshlamb

    Lameness in Lambs

    Waste of time using formalin on codd, been there done that. 10 mins soak in zinc sulphate makes hell of a difference, then let them dry off, on a concrete pad.
  3. Welshlamb

    Pick up insurance

    NFU wanted £760 for my pick up insurance, so went with churchill van insurance, £283.
  4. Welshlamb

    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

    just a matter of interest, what companies are offering these contracts, I thought St Merryn havent got contracts on hoggets this year ?
  5. Welshlamb

    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

    Kepak cant be that short for hoggs. I usually get a call off them in december asking how many im willing to supply them until April/may. No calls this time round. Luckily its a sellers market now, and theres plenty of other competitors, looking for lambs.
  6. Welshlamb

    Concentrate Price Tracker

    I always get a price before ordering, this time the rep was busy, and didn’t have the price to hand.
  7. Welshlamb

    Concentrate Price Tracker

    Ordered rapid lamb finisher blown from mole valley, got the bill today for £246/ton. Last order they be having off me. Next load be coming from somewhere else, shame because its a great feed.
  8. Welshlamb

    Hogg feeders

    The trough bit is at a perfect height, any size lamb or hogg over 25kg can easily get stuck into the feed.
  9. Welshlamb

    Hogg feeders

    This hogg feeder holds 1250kg, and was £1200 from teme valley tractors in Knighton. Quality is fantastic, got one thats 7 years old, and no rust on it whatsoever. Its handy to have a axle on it, to move it onto fresh ground. And can be towed empty with a pick up.
  10. Welshlamb

    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

    Hoggs in St Merryn yesterday were £4.15, same day last year were £5.40. £26 a lamb difference in a year.
  11. Welshlamb

    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

    In a space of 6 months, St Merryn have gone from the best paying per kg, to the worse. They were the ones setting the price leading the field, now they are just dragging behind, price wise.
  12. Welshlamb

    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

    St merryn £4.3 today, paying upto 21kg, Dunbia £4.45 paying upto 22kg. Ive never seen dunbia giving more than St merryn, hoggs hopefully getting thinner on the ground.
  13. Welshlamb

    Alligator Pro

    Ive sent rappa numerous emails in the last few weeks regarding buying extra hurdles for my set up, aint had a reply which is no surprise to me, as they are rubbish to deal with. And Prattely havent got any hurdles until spring next year. Hopfully Alligator setup might be the better option for you ?
  14. Welshlamb

    Secondhand prattley

    ok thanks, might order a few rappa hurdles instead
  15. Welshlamb

    Secondhand prattley

    Does anybody know where you can source 5ft hurdles from. Phoned a few companies up, and they reckon they wont have stock until april. Will the rappa hurdle fit onto a prattley hurdle ?
  16. Welshlamb

    Channel 4 Sheep shearing cruelty item tonight.

    Im not condoning the behaviour of the shearers, but if I was a sheep id rather be on that shearing board, than in a halal abbatoir.
  17. Welshlamb

    5 stud axle/hub source ?

    landrover or ifor williams use 5 stud hubs, on a 6.5” pcd. Might be a cheaper option
  18. Welshlamb

    Same 130

    Under the tractor theres a hydraulic control unit, which controls 4wd, splitter, pto, and diff lock. Looks like one of the electro - hydraulic solenoids is faulty, or has no power to it. Ive had to change the one on my antares 130. With no power going to the solenoid, the tractor will be stuck...
  19. Welshlamb

    Ad lib Hogg feeder

    Have a look at Arfon Roberts website, he sells the portequip on there, with prices.
  20. Welshlamb

    Going rate for tack sheep

    Have you got any tack going spare then ?