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  1. stroller

    Supersoil fertiliser Anybody tried this? Expensive muck and magic?
  2. stroller

    Accord drill bits

    Fan, metering mechanism, hopper, not sure what’s it worth, make me an offer
  3. stroller

    Buy some lube and brace yourselves, we're all going to be fudged by red tractor

    Thank you nfu, you've trussed agriculture up like a Christmas turkey, enjoy your 30 pieces of silver.
  4. stroller

    Nelson wheat

    Anybody else growing it?
  5. stroller

    Hedge laying cut off date

    If you are claiming hedge laying under css the end date is 31 March NOT 30th April as per cross compliance 2021 key dates.
  6. stroller

    Felling license?

    I've got some hedgelaying to do, some of it has large ish dead elms, 150mm dia, do I need a felling license for this?
  7. stroller

    NH TS115 dash fault

    On my TS115 the PTO warning buzzer is sounding continuously, its the high pitched one in the clock/light cluster, definitely a fault on this and not the wiring or switches as it shows the same fault when put on another tractor, any ideas before I send it to David King electronics?
  8. stroller

    Pea haulm

    Is pea haulm any good for cattle or sheep feed?
  9. stroller

    Limus Clear

    The frontier rep is trying to flog me some limus clear which is a urease inhibitor for liquid N, has anybody used it?
  10. stroller

    Feed oats elyan

    I have a couple of tonnes of feed oats left in the shed. £120/t
  11. stroller

    Driving skills

    Better keep practicing those tractor driving skills, we might need them soon.
  12. stroller

    Sausages now ok

    It seems the scientists have changed their minds and now it's ok to eat sausages and bacon, as long as you get them from a proper butcher. I never stopped eating them anyway
  13. stroller

    NH TS115 PTO

    The PTO switch will turn on and off if it's in 540 but won't turn on or off in 1000 speed, anyone had similar, is it just electrical problem on the switch?
  14. stroller

    Any compost experts?

    I'm trying to make compost out of fym, I've turned it a few times and I've got mushrooms growing out of it. Too wet to turn for a few days now, is it finished or do I need to turn it again, how do I know when it's ready?
  15. stroller

    Elyan spring oats poor bushel wt

    Second year running I've had poor bushel weights with this variety, last year I can understand due to lack of water, but I thought this year would be better, sampled at 46-47kg, anyone else finding similar?
  16. stroller

    Toll rides off road trust Has anyone had anything to do with these people? Horsey neighbour and a few others are looking looking for somewhere to ride, I can get two rides of 2 miles that will use 0.9ha each for a grass strip around arable fields 2.7m wide. Any thoughts?
  17. stroller

    What's this weed?

    Found this in my linseed, any ideas what it is? Is it worth having a sticky thread for weed ID?
  18. stroller

    Planting in the US
  19. stroller

    Soil management plan

    I thought that this pointless waste of time had disappeared, but NSF/ farm assurance and a new inspector have decided that it is a non conformance to not have one.
  20. stroller

    Mitas tyre split

    Mitas 600r65 38, a small split has appeared, not a cut and it goes all the way through and is leaking about 5psi per day. Only done 600hrs, anybody had similar?