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  1. copse

    6215 r bleeping

    When tractor is turned off and soon as you open the door it starts bleeping and doesn’t stop until you close the door. And the same when you come to get back in , has only started doing it today and can’t work out why ! Anyone know what it’s trying to tell me? As starting pee me off now! Thanks
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    Who’s the chap on here that sells oil?
  3. copse

    Sir Richard sutton
  4. copse

    Orf in lambs

    Have a block of land where lambs get orf usually at about 3/4 weeks old. Ewes are all vaccinated with scabivax would it work if I vaccinated lambs when about 2 days old as they leave the lambing shed? Or could it cause more problems. Thanks
  5. copse

    Any good

    Anyone used this?
  6. copse

    Sheep hay baskets

    Am looking for about 50 for individual lambing pens and was thinking about making some but look like they will take fair bit of time to make . Picked some up from a farm sale and they seem quite handy and keep pens cleaner when feeding silage. Any recommendations for some that don’t seem stupid...
  7. copse

    Ploughing with gps

    Am ploughing in furrow and when going one way it drives nice down furrow every time but when I turn around it seems to be about 6 inches away from furrow wall . Good down field but bad going up other way. Can’t get any better by changing working width on screen. Haven’t changed offset as didn’t...
  8. copse

    J Deere command center

    Is it possible for speed to be changed from km to mph without it changing the other units. Have mph now but fuel use has gone from litres to gallons. Don’t know if they can be set different to each other or not. I could on 30 series but can’t work out how to do it with this setup.just want...
  9. copse

    Deere 6 r cab brackets

    Have just got a new 215 r and am struggling to find anywhere to fix control boxes. How are others doing it?
  10. copse

    Weaving tine drill

    Have collected the drill to finish off and going to calibrate it but can’t turn wheel. The scraper is hard against it making it very difficult to turn by hand. Am I doing anything wrong?
  11. copse

    6215 r tyres

    Have had a demo on 650 tyres and thinking it would be better on 710 s what have others got on theirs? Like the tractor and they have a few ex hire but all on 650s . Will be used mostly for ploughing and drilling. Thanks
  12. copse

    New Holland 270

    Have run jd for years but with the price they are now thinking of a change. Anyone run a t7 270 ? What hp are they without boost and when is boost available? And how much do they weigh? Thanks
  13. copse


    How much hp would I need to pull a 4.6 m cultipress on ploughed land on with fairy steep hills? Thanks
  14. copse

    Drill camera

    Thinking about putting a camera in the drill seed box and am looking for info of what to have and where to get one from. Thanks
  15. copse


    Just had email from them wanting to know our farm carbon footprint. Has anyone else had it?
  16. copse

    How much to charge

    Have done some haylige for a livery yard .Mow,rake, round bale ,wrap and stack How much should I charge? 30 acres and 192 bales.
  17. copse


    I know it’s not worth much at the best of times but have heard we are going to get next to nothing for it this year. Chaps we have shearing want to bring own wool wrapper with them as don’t want anyone near them for virus. So will have to pay to have wool wrapped and all other hassle with...
  18. copse

    Mastitis in tex ewes

    Run most mule ewes here but have 100 tex x mule theaves with have smart lambs but are having more bad bags than I would like. Certainly more than in the mule flock . Are the tex ewes more susceptible to mastitis ? As it’s really putting me off having any more.
  19. copse

    Texel problem

    Have only about 100 texel x mule ewes and about 1000 mules. Every year about three weeks after the tex ewes lamb I get some that go lame on both front legs and go about like a kangaroo. Mules never have the problem always the tex ewes. Any one had similar or know what is causing it? Thanks
  20. copse

    V660 net

    have got net wrapped around feed rotor any tips how to get it out? Looks a pig of a job to me.