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    What tool do I need for this?

    I need to replace a cab door hinge on my Kubota RTV900 (the hinge pin sheared off when frozen, oops), but the bolts are hidden under these plastic cap things. What tool do I need to remove these does anyone know?
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    Bluebells + grazing

    I have some semi-wooded areas that are full of bluebells and, currently, brambles. I want to make better use of these areas if possible by clearing the brambles and sowing some late growing grasses, herbs, wildflowers (whatever :)) to create a little extra grazing for my sheep for when the...
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    Metal strainers and gate posts into rock

    I need to put in a metal field gate (only 4ft) and a clipex end strainer to finish off a bit of fencing I've been doing but the ground where I need them to go appears to be only about 10" soil and then solid bedrock. :( Any ideas as to the best way to sink metal posts into/onto rock please?
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    Rams in after sponge removal - 36 or 48 hours?

    How long after sponge removal should the rams go in? The instructions say 48 hours but I've read other people say 36 hours - which is best? Does it differ if the recipients are ewe-lambs? If it makes any difference, I will be hand mating individually initially, then chucking the ram and his...