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    Zero Cooperation with SFI until Autumn Spreading Ban Lifted.

    The Tern and Roden . These 2 rivers are very poor, cant comment about west shrops rivers tho. I hope they are better, whats the Clun like?
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    Zero Cooperation with SFI until Autumn Spreading Ban Lifted.

    Here in N shrops our rivers are very unhealthy and if the winter spreading ban helps, thats a good thing. Our local AD plants sometimes spread on waterlogged fields, (dont know how they get away with it) That shouldnt happen. I use a lot of strawy cattle and pig muck but do my best to make sure...
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    BPS 2021

    In too
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    Nroso heavy handed email

    My( friends) solution .......His son and father alternate nroso membership, but dont collect any points ,saves £100 a year. when one gets thrown off scheme other rejoins, and so on. Cheap and easy
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    Machining coolant

    Being a tight farmer if I run out, I get a squeezy bottle and fill it 3/4 water 1 1/4 oil and a good dose of washing up liquid then shake like hell. Job done at zero cost
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    Best £35 I have spent in years, Life changing tool. Sharp chain every day . Saw cuts straight every time. Lovely
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    Electric Fence Battery

    How to kill your battery cheap or expensive= let it get a bit flat then a sharp frost. Then its bu&*ered. Simple
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    Electric Fence Battery

    I go to my local scrap merchant with a few kilos of scrap metal and a multimeter. weigh in the scrap and go to the battery bin and look for a battery with more than 12.8 volts, then do a deal with the boss, take home a battery or 2 usually no money changes hands. Some of the scrap batteries will...
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    Food shortages being kept quiet?

    My grass fields have edible mushrooms in for the 1st time in 3 years. Hundreds of em too. I have had them 3 meals a day for 3 weeks. I ought to sell them to help alleviate the food shortage.
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    New toy day

    Bargain new toy. Clearance at Toolstation with a £5 voucher as well. £35 plus vat Wera tools are outrageously expensive but oddly satisfying.
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    quick books users?

    I am confused how I account for part exchange in QBs. I bought a machine for 4k plus vat with 2k for old machine ,How do I do a banking entry for it? Thanks in advance for any help.
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    The f*****n useless workshy f****n b******rd NSF

    I moved from Nsf to Acora ,now Lloyds register. Service is marginally better. But still hard work getting anything done.
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    Red clover hay ,,Risky rocket fuel?

    I made some nice red clover hay yesterday. Is there any risk of bloat if I feed it to my yearling bulls in the shed?
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    New holland is pestering me.

    My T5 keeps telling me to change the oil but I did it 6 months ago. How do I reset the service light without asking the dealer? I would plug my OBD reader into it if I could. Cant stand how modern stuff thinks it knows better than its owner. (rant over)
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    National Grid fires up coal power station for first time in 55 days

    Am I the only one to notice that August was very cloudy and solar power was a bit low? The sooner the chinese finish our nuclear power stations the better.( no irony there). In the mean time I am getting a standby generator.
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    Spreading wood ash.

    I covered 1 row of my sweetcorn plants with wood ash and havent noticed any difference to the other rows. I thought wood ash was rich in potash?
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    Project Binky - Some very smart Fabrication!

    The roof is a work of art. Just got to be up close to see it
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    Feeding staff

    If I am loading grain into lorrys .I always offer the driver a tea/coffee. Most drivers say I am one of the few who do. A few have said how disrespectfully they are treated by barley barons. (i cant understand why nobody wants to drive trucks)
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    Project Binky - Some very smart Fabrication!

    Weston park, Historic rally. Check BOM facebook page
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    Project Binky - Some very smart Fabrication!

    Is anyone else going to see Binky on Sunday? I have waited years to see this .