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    Should we still be holding matches in current situation

    With all sporting events being put on hold untill April, should all ploughing matches be postponed until then ?
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    European vintage results

    Congratulations to the England team today, wins for Ray Alderson Richard Ingram & Jon Cole, and third place for Graham Sutton, well done all of you
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    Don Woodhouse

    So sad to read that Don Woodhouse passed away this week, not only a very good ploughman, but a brilliant engineer R.I.P. Don.
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    Who's at the national this year ?

    Just wondering who is going to be ploughing at this years national, been past the site today hill ploughmen may have an advantage. :whistle:(n)
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    world ploughing

    just looking at results from todays ploughing in Germany, Ashley is 6th and mick chapel is 17th after day one, another blank year at the worlds. after the shambles in kenya last year at the worlds, and even worse at the Europeans in Russia, surely its time for some younger blood to have a go...
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    How much will you pay to plough ?

    At a committee meeting the other night it was proposed that we increase our entry fee to £15 from £12 I was against this move, what is the general opinion?
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    Five nation's results

    Any news on today's five nation's results
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    SOP AGM.

    Any body go to the AGM today, if so who got what, and any good come out of it ? :whistle::whistle::whistle: