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    Splitting out elec use

    We’ve got one main supply into the yard. This supply powers the farmhouse, sheds for farm use, sheds for industrial use, biomass boiler, grain drying fans. Each industrial unit has a meter but everything else is lumped as one. I need to work out what’s using what. Is there an easy way of doing this?
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    Generator running costs

    Not sure whether this should be in the machinery forum 🤷🏻‍♂️ As it’s about electricity really. Anyway we luckily fixed into a 3 yr elec contract in March at 15p day and 11p night but we still spend around £15,000/year at those rates. However with what’s going on in the energy industry I’m...
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    Gates, security and travellers

    Looking for some ideas please people. My father in law has lots of industrial units in his yard down a long drive of 1000 metres. The site gets multiple deliveries 5 days a week. He’s also concerned about the increasing number of issues locally to him where by travellers are turning up on mass...
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    We need a shallow cultivator

    We seem to be getting a worsening weed problem in no till winter wheat because there’s no chit pre drilling due to no soil movement so when we then drill where we slot the seed we germinate weeds, in particular ryegrass. even if we glyphosate prior to drilling although there’s hardly anything to...
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    Front end loader query

    We need another loader mainly for bale carting but instead of a telescopic I’m wondering about a front end loader to go onto a large frame case Puma 220hp. All it’ll do is move 1200t of straw from fields to the yard. Any pointers please as I’ve never even used one before.
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    Winter beans and weeds

    Thinking of growing beans but looking around this years there’s a lot of very weedy bean crops. Having never grown them before is there limited weed control available? Potentially thinking of 130ha of them so wanting to know we can do it right.
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    Drying wheat question

    Borrowed a shed off a neighbour that has underfloor drying but the tunnels run front to back of the shed not across ways so basically you need to load the entire floor to get it to dry otherwise any uncovered tunnels just let the air escape as it’s the easiest route. He uses it as a batch drier...
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    Handling 1200t of straw

    Just wondering about buying a well used loader tractor to deal with 1200t of straw. At the minute we use a mix of telehandlers towing bale trailers (not good on gearboxes) and tractors and bale trailers. It’s all a bit of a phaff and doesn’t fit in well with other jobs so I’m wondering about...
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    £150,000 combine

    Think after this season we are going to take our combining back in hand for a few reasons. Anyway the budget would be £150,000 and we’d want to keep it 7 seasons. We are cutting 800ac of w wheat and 200ac of spring wheat or spring barley. We bale majority of the straw but it goes into bale...
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    Jcb agri super help

    Hi, we’ve borrowed a Jcb agri-super from a friend and are struggling to operate the gearbox. We are manitou people with very little Jcb experience. My friends away and not contactable so any help much appreciated. I’ve attached some pics of the cab controls but basically it’s 6 speed but with...
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    Jcb spec variants

    Been looking at used Jcb’s online but for the 14-17 era can anybody list the differences between specs such as ‘agri super’ ‘agri plus’ etc ?
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    Air trailer but no air on telehandler

    I’ve been offered a very tidy ex hgv 44ft artic flat bed trailer with 5th wheel dolly. The problem is it’s running air suspension and air brakes. Local mechanic said he can convert the brakes to oil easily enough but it’s not worth swapping air bags to springs due to the cost. Looking at it if...
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    Househam AR

    I’ve found a nice Househam AR 3500 with 24m pommier booms. It’s a year 2008 with 8250 hours on it. It’s got TMC Fieldmaster with auto steer, shut off etc. It appears in very good condition and well looked after. The current owner bought it at 5500 hours but doesn’t have any history of it prior...
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    Wanted JCB telehandler

    Hi I’m on the look out for a JCB priced at £20,000-£30,000. Minimum 3t 7m machine. It’s for general farm use so want ‘ag spec’ rather than construction spec. Anybody know of anything as I’m not having much look with dealers who only seem to have newer ones at double the money.
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    Pressure or flow - sprayer

    What’s the pros and cons of each system?
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    Mechanical drive SP sprayer

    Which sprayers run mechanical driven axles? Thinking something lightweight (3000 litres 24m) rather than anything to big.
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    John Deere 170hp engine

    water cooled fitted in a Bateman RB25. Is there anything to watch out for in high houred models? I’ve been offered a very tidy RB25 but it’s done 12,000 hours. Two owners and I’d be buying it privately so no come back. In general it’s extremely tidy machine and I’m not to bothered if I need to...
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    24m or 36m

    Hi, we are presently 36m as our contractor runs 36m. However we are taking the spraying back in hand and will be purchasing a used machine so should we look at 36m machines or drop back to 24m. I’ve only one tractor which is on 650 tyres and row crops aren’t an option as the tractor hauls all...
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    What sprayer?

    Hello, I’m looking at taking back our spraying in hand. We’ve had a contractor for a number of years but the timing of applications is getting worse and I think it’s expensive. Basically it’s a total workload of 3000-3500ac per year depending on rotation. We’re paying between £12,000 and £14,000...