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    SP Sprayer windscreen

    I’ve managed to drive in to the back of my combine and smashed the very big curved windscreen on my Chafer 418. There is only on left in Europe and it’s £5400! I would rather wear goggles and a gas mask than pay that. I’m thinking my options are either modify the frame to take flat glass or get...
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    Line boring

    Has anyone had a telehandler main pivot line bored & welded in the east of England. If so, who by and what is a rough cost? Thanks
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    Unimog value

    My brother has his 1981 Unimog on eBay for £10000. Not much interest so far which surprised me - is it priced too high? Was going to put it in the classifieds, but not sure how to go about it - insufficient privileges?
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    Ranman Top

    The washout instructions on the label are to fill with water over night then spray out. This is not at all practical when on only spraying a small area. Does anyone know the reason for this instruction?
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    Vaderstad Rapid - Disc versus tines

    I currently hire in a newish System disc rapid, but I’m contemplating buying an older tine Rapid to reduce costs and increase flexibility. I don’t think I’d miss the staggered wheels as I generally drill in September. I certainly wouldn’t miss the iPad control. I could pull it with my own...
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    Allis B Bolt sizes

    Does anyone know the size of the bolts that tread in to the casting on a Allis B. There are two threaded holes on either side (between the front and rear wheels) that a mid mounted implement might be mounted to. Thanks.
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    Merlo 32.6 oil temp

    Does anyone know where the hydraulic oil temp switch is on a Merlo 32.6? Buzzer is going off but clearly not hot. I’ve just replaced one of the main hydrostatic pipes, so I assume I have knocked a wire off or something. Though it didn’t come on right away. Thanks.
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    DD press

    I’ve got hold of 2x 3m large Simba DD packers. I’m planning on making a cultivator/press to compliment my modified Amazone Pegasus - I can’t decide whether to keep as 6m and add a couple of rows of spring tines in front or stagger them and run as a 3m double press. My main aim is to consolidate...
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    Merlo Boom Suspension

    The boom suspension has stopped working on my Merlo. The wires to the solenoid were bypassed long ago - when you activate the solenoid the boom raises sharply a short distance but then goes solid. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated
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    Iron affecting ag chems?

    I’ve recently built an iron filter for my pig unit. It’s supposed to increase the efficacy of water medications, as the iron particles bond to the medicine. Does iron cause the same problems with ag chems? If so, I should be using filtered water for spraying. This would involve buying another tank.
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    Merlo Hydraulic Oil

    The hydraulic pump on my 32.6 is quite noisy until it warms up on these cold mornings we are having. Level is fine and oil and suction filter are fairly fresh. Does anyone use 32 instead of the 46 (I currently use 46)? No doubt we’ll get a freak heatwave if I change the oil.
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    Trailer Tyre Dilemma

    My muck trailer has thrown in the towel and my Bunning 15t grain trailer (whilst being a great trailer) at 35 years old is getting a little tired. I’ve decided to buy one new trailer to do both jobs. My dilemma is that the new trailer comes with super singles as standard but my current Bunning’s...
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    Heavy land, winter lambs & a Claydon

    I’m thinking of having some winter lambs (October - March) on a cover crop on a fairly heavy silty clay loam. If we have another wet autumn/winter am I being optimistic to think I could Claydon spring beans direct at the end of March?
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    Processing Feed For Pigs

    We have a small farm that fattens at total of 4400 pigs a year (B&B) which eat approximately 1000t of food - we grow around 1000t of feed wheat. It seems wrong to load a bunch of lorries to go off to the mill only for another load of lorries to bring it back again in pellet form. Does anyone...
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    Manual labour’s just not the job it used to be

    Speak for yourself Charlie... after mucking out 2000 pigs, changing a set of SP sprayer wheels, shoveling wheat and unblocking a particularly stubborn ditch pipe (tree roots) my shoulder is giving me a bit of jip.
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    Merlo 32.6 Lower Door

    The lower door on my 32.6 has taken a lot of stick. Does anyone know of a ‘low cost’ option for replacement?
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    Vaderstad Rapid WiFi

    Vaderstad Rapid is not providing a WiFi signal. The unit on the drill is getting 13v. It’s often been slow to get going but now nothing. Any ideas before a call to the dealer?? Thanks
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    Vaderstad Breakmix point

    Does anyone use the Breakmix point? I like the idea of it but not heard much about them.
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    The crop that just keeps giving

    As our rape is dying off a lot of the pods are blackening with grey looking seeds inside. Mainly upper pods which are now shedding their seeds. What the cause? What should I have done?
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    Faresin Loader

    I’m thinking of changing my Merlo 32.6 for a Faresin 6.30 - does anyone have experience of them? I know the Merlo is a marmite machine on this forum - it’s a great loader due to its proportions and capacities, but pipe and electrical routing is poor. The Faresin looks like a similar simple...