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    John Deere 6030 terrible kick on reverser ! JD guys help

    As with almost every 6030 4 cyl I have a terrible kick on reverser on 6230 Standard. I do gearbox calibration and it is still kicking. Wth is wrong with those softwares on 6030 series ? I have installed latest gearbox payload and same problem. Can someone explain in plain english what do fill...
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    Manitou MLT 634 with Merc does not start ?

    Hi, I have a problem, when I turn the key it does not show anything on the gear display, it says N on the display on the main speed clock. It does not even start to turn the engine. When I short the starter engine starts, hydraulic works but transmission number is still off and it stays in N...
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    John Deere PFA10557 and PFA10760 display difference ?

    Are there any differences ? Seller says 557 is non touch and 760 is touch ? Can they both be used as Gen4 Extended monitor for GS4600 in my tractor ? Sounds stupid that 557 was made only to show things and it is not touch ? Thanks
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    What belts for combine ? OEM, Optibelt, Gates ?

    With what belts you have best experiences for combines ? OEM are of course most expensive but what is good alternative and gives most for the price. Optibelt has AgriPower line and all other producers have something.
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    John Deere 6145R tie rod end AL224139 replacement part ?

    Does anyone make them ? 350 Euro / piece for original is insane ! I have compared it to 6930 Premium with 750 axle and it is identical but on 6930P it is 22cm long and on 6145R is 26cm long, everything else seems to be the same. Vapormatic and Bepco do not have it as my dealer told me.
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    JD Link on 6R JD Link Ready ?

    What do I need to buy in order to make JDLink work ? My spec says JD Link Ready but also has No connectivity package in spec. I probably need modem and what else ?
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    John Deere TwinFluid sprayers ?

    There is no pdf or any info on google about TwinFluid from John Deere. Can someone tell me more about it, how it works, can it compare with Hardi air suport etc.
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    John Deere 6R activating air brakes in CCU 65 ?

    I am installing air brakes on 6145R and I need to put new CCU software I guess so it allows me to put 1 instead 0 on CCU 65 address so it activates dial on the dashboard. Can it be done by me with Advisor or I must ask the dealer to open DTAC ? Maybe John Deere Payload Decryptor/Encryptor...
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    Manitou MLT 634 air condition condenser fans ?

    Ive had completely clogged condenser on the roof, I have managed to wash it but fans have terrible noise now. AC is working great but sound is like it wont last long. Can I grease them somehow ? They look to me as closed unit so I dont see how to spray some WD on the bearing. If nothing can be...
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    John Deere 6145R and LED dual beacons

    Hi, I have 2 LED beacons 27W each which I want to put on 6145R MY2017 when it arrives. 6030 Premium does not want to start one of these, it gives damn error. Will 6R work with 2 of these ? If not, can it be maybe coded or how to make it work ? Also info for 6030 Premium would be great. @NZ...
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    John Deere 625R header does not have Schumacher knives ?

    Got JD combine with this header and spare knives are SCH but original are JD and double fingers are normal JD, not up&down cut SCH like on Deutz, also knives are all aligned same facing up, on all Schumacher on DF they are 1op&1down etc. Does that make any difference in work ? Can I change...
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    Manitou MLT 634 Deutz load LED calibration ?

    I got my new 634 with Deutz engine, 2015 model. I have exclamation mark on RH side on those load indicator LEDs and it is very fast on half of the scale without any implement. Can I lift back end and do that calibration by myself and how ? I want them to be silent most of the time. Also, idle...
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    Manitou MLT 634 how much gas in A/C system ?

    How much gas goes in the system ? Is it same on all of them since AC is on the roof ? One extra question, are 2014-2015 models with Deutz engine ok ?
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    John Deere 8360R coolant pressure - part 2

    Some of you helped me to check EGR cooler and I have welded exaust intake part and mounted blank plate near the EGR valve. It was ok for few days light work but now I have again coolant leak on the cap when coolant temperature reaches 95-96°C. After it leaks a bit then the temperature drops to...
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    Kuhn Discover XM 48 disc harrow tyre pressure ?

    Does anyone have manual to check tyre pressure for Trelleborg RT306 550/50-17 IMP on Kuhn Discover XM ? On the tyre I find 2,5 bar max for mounting but on 2,5 Bar it is too soft. I have found some info on the net for this tyre that max is 3,6 Bar, that could be ok but I dont want to get...
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    John Deere 8R experts needed, coolant pressure problem ?

    Hi, I have a problem with JD 8360R, it got 1,25 Bar pressure in the expansion bowl and it blowed cooland out. We thought it was head gasket and we replaced it, machines the head, new bolts and all and today same f..king thing ! What could push the pressure in cooling system ? Head was checked...
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    John Deere 4600 screen v1 vs v2 processor differences

    I am close to closing the deal for JD 6145R with 4600 screen and Premium activations so I would like to know what am I getting if I decide to buy v2 processor and install it ? What is v1 missing that requires only v2 processor ? Is there a list or something ? One thing I have read is that...
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    What was John Deere 6R Ultimate Edition in 2017 ?

    What was included in Ultimate Edition back then ? I cannot find any infos about it. Now it is new joystick etc but I want to know what was it in 2015-2018 models. Thanks
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    Southwick Tractor Company Ltd from UK ?

    Hello, I have found one tractor for me at this company and would like to get your feedback about them. Is this company ok, real, and can it be trusted. Also maybe someone can get me better deal there, that would be nice :) Southwick Tractor Company Ltd Herr Andy Doel Poleshill Farm BA14 9PP...
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    ! Info needed ! Width of JD T660 09-11 without tyres

    Hello, can someone please check how wide is JD T660 without tyres for transport, I cannot find any infos about exact size of that combine on the net and especially not for width without wheels. Would also like to know other sizes, sometimes I saw combine sketch and all sizes written. Thanks a lot