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    Recent Energy suppliers that have ceased trading

    @HarryatBalancedEnergy is Neon Reef viable?? Cheapest i can find.
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    Fuel price tracker

    64.99 for 500l Peak oil plus £25 for 1l additive as it's not winterised! Glad I don't use much!
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    Who actually runs the Nfu?

    Follow the money. The biggest financial contributors have the most influence on the officeholders and directors who run it.
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    Harvest Traffic Report

    Tarmac farmers
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    Crop Failure

    Tough time but it will pass. Read JackRussell above you - guess he's going better now. Take care.
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    Is it time to acknowledge the difference.....?

    Great idea. I've opted out of many requirements where possible. No fert or pesticides, stay within 40 miles for livestock haulage etc. etc. Minimize ANY machinery use, contractors where justified and the rest with 80's and 90's kit.
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    Pursued by a bear??
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    Dorset ram on ewe lambs

    I always breed my Polled Dorsets pure. No problem with ewe lambs, just don't overfeed them - as with any Dorset - you don't want big lambs.
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    Imported lamb from NZ more carbon neutral than home produced?

    And poorly managed grassland and grazing practices.
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    tff proper farmin group

    Fallen stock used to have a value. If regs were changed we could again use this valuable "green" resource. Hides, petmeat, meat and bone fertilizer etc.
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    Lucky escape

    I was doing 30 yesterday on a narrow country lane with a tractor pushing me!
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    European floods

    You farm in a way that protects and improves the soil. This field is sand but I can’t see it eroding with the roots of this crop binding the soil.
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    Flail Topper

    nearer to 1k would be better than 2k!
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    Flail Topper

    Still looking. Thistles are starting to flower!
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    Buying land is a hindrance to business development

    If you can own it is best. Profit and lifestyle should come before status. Sanity vs. vanity.
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    I'm very tech and spending averse. But if it gets cheaper I would try it. Potentially big savings in time and hassle of moving fences for rotational grazing.
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    At small scale best to graze everything and buy in feed. You'll need less feed if you extend your grazing season by rotating stock and building up standing hay for winter.
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    just looked. £9/hd/month. needs to realise a big improvement to pay.