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    How is agriculture going to get net zero by 2040?

    It's what being advocates by farming leaders. Tell me how to do it.
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    Electric Vehicle and charging point

    I'm sure its been covered but wondering if any fresh info about. Are there any grants for installing electric vehicle charging points for a business about? Thinking I'm needing one for my holiday lets. Also what's the economics of electric vehicles at the moment? I'm currently thinking of...
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    What do Red Tractor do for their money?

    Average farm business surely pays them £300-500 a year. Can any of their acolytes tell me what they do for their money? Apart from employee's like Guy Smith wanting a "fresh pair of eyes" on his business (albeit unqualified to advise on health and safety and legal aspects) what does everyone...
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    Roger Hallam - XR

    He is claiming that he was an organic farmer in Wales who lost his business because of severe weather..... I'm sorry but no way has his farm been badly affected by climate change enough to lose it. I'd suggest he's telling porkies and didn't really want to slog it out growing veg and so has...
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    Wales BPS replacement

    English farmers taking about ELM's and how crap it is. Does anyone know what it due to happen in Wales with regards to BPS? When it is due to end and what is replacement is likely to be?
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    Class Arion screw in hyd couplers

    Been told the leaking screw in spools are an exclusive for Class. Anyone know if you can buy them aftermarket anywhere as £180 a spool is a bit of a pee take
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    Tx68 drum engagement valve

    Got reoccurring trouble with the drum engagement valve on a tx68. Leave it a day and it will simply not engage again without a lot of fiddling. A bit of wd40 in the hydraulic button side and a bit of contact spray on the other side each morning does help but I can't understand why the same...
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    Best belts?

    Where do you go for the best belts (combines mainly). Are their brands you won't use and any good companies who are v good at cross referencing and fast delivery to recommend?
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    Osr no podstick and no roundup

    Moving from swathing to direct cutting. Reluctant to roundup it for a few reasons. Am I an absolute fool not to podstick it and leave it on the stem? Any natural ripeners on here?
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    Interesting way to sell kit The 750 is a good deal at £45k Retiring?
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    Do you care about climate change?

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    If CTL was introduced as a new product now..

    What would you be prepared to pay for it? And do you think it would be considered as valuable as the newest SDHI?
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    Sweepex replacement bristles

    Anyone know if the replacement bristles are standardised for all brands? Also is it worth replacing the bristles or just getting a whole new brush? (the tin top isn't rotten yet)
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    Best spray for ivy with a knapsack

    Any potions of choice? I'd like more than just roundup with a sticker if possible?
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    Bunded tank on pallet forks?

    Can you get a bunded fuel tank that you can use on pallet forks but then also put on a flatbed trailer and use with a 12v pump?
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    What's your preferred trace element mix?

    I usually buy an IBC of Manganese every year and lash a bit on with the sprayer. I've done tissue tests in the past because I felt they were relatively dear and I wasn't gaining a lot. But I still use the manganese for the barley even though I'm not sure its any measurable difference. But given...
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    Barn Conversionand VAT?

    I'm sure its been done before but I'm a bit confused. What element of VAT are you able to claim back and what is not?
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    How much you paying for Seed Barley?

    Planet £430. Is that about what it is?
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    Float valve for water tank

    What's the best float valve for a 10k litre water tank coming off 25mm mdpe. Is just a normal traditional ball cock one OK? Some seem to be huge money and others about £10. Don't understand them
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    Sim card that is not monthly

    Can you get a pre paid sim card of say 50-80gb with certain number of calls/ texts that is not monthly?