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    Perkins injector pump

    Are you sure this is a cav pump? Looks different to me.
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    Probblems with Bale wrap

    I (and another) had problems with a contractor's green wrap .it didn't seal like the black and had 'crinkley' texture. Don't know the make but sticking with black in future.
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    Sustainable farming incentive details published today

    Why not dump all tbese schemes and their complications, remain with the well understood SFP and add some more incentives for improvements? Oh, does money come into this? I'd forgotten about that!
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    Sustainable farming incentive details published today

    Dunno about all that but have noticed when experts are being interviewed the first word out of their mouths is 'so,' Funny how things catch on.
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    Sustainable farming incentive details published today

    i thought all experts start sentences with 'So' ?
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    Firewood price.

    They'll burn as well or maybe you could keep up with current fashion and eat them.
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    ON / Off grid to use renewables generation in a grid outage?

    200 years of coal reserves in UK, shame it's going to waste.
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    The "I`ve got it" thread...

    I'd be lost without my mask, particularly useful for train work. Jessie James
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    Heat pumps

    People burning fossil fuel to keep warm in winter should be prosecuted. How dare they avoid hypothermia, they should just accept their fate and die. I'll have another glass of your mulled wine thanks Boris.
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    Mice chewing electric cables on “21 reg Volvo”!!

    Get soms rats, they'll keep the mice away.
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    Just puncture the boats

    wish we could exchange some of our rubbish for 'brown' people who would be assets. I 'd be more concerned by an immigrant's culture or religion which poses threats to our way of life than skin colour.
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    Just puncture the boats

    Shouldn't be able to cherry pick your country of refuge.
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    Just puncture the boats

    A hedge cutter would make short work of those expensive inflatibles.
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    Forth coming fuel protests …..

    Used to say we've 200 years of coal reserves in the UK. That's out of date now. We now have billions of years coal reserves at the stroke of a pen.
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    Forth coming fuel protests …..

    I've a great idea, lets close down all our nuclear and coal generation before we have something to take its place. Don't know where I get these great ideas from, pure genius I suppose.
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    I say you chaps, give me a break what what. With me and Princess NutNut and Peppa in No. 10, we're inviincable.
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    WTF Johnson's CBI speech!

    Keep the coal stations working in the winter and switch them off in the summer, simples
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    Chainsaw safety course

    Al Pacino didn't have much trouble starting his in Goodfellas.
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    What's up with Ebay?

    Some things (ex China) have gone up over 500% over the last couple of years. There's a lot less choice and the same item is offered by lots of sellers (or the same seller under different names maybe?). I get the sense that things are not normal recently.