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  1. rob h

    Mf 6465 lost drive

    Have a problem with our 6465 t2 dyna 6 . Lost drive whilst going up the road just free wheeled to a stop.showing error code t1.37. Slippage in the power shuttle. all hydraulic and pto work.when i try setting off it rocks forward like its trying to move but that’s all.ive had gages on the test...
  2. rob h

    Kongskilde grain cleaner

    Hi I'm looking for a pre cleaner a kongskilde kf20.ideally
  3. rob h

    Eori number.

    Hi I have a polish guy wanting to buy my old grain dryer. He's going to send a lorry to pick it up.he is now saying he wants a eori number. It's not something I've done before so is he right.ive been on gov website and it isn't that clear as I am not exporting I'm just selling .is this something...
  4. rob h

    .simba cambridge rolls.

    looking for a set of rolls 8m or bigger.24inch rings
  5. rob h

    Tube motor roller shutter door

    I’ve just been getting quotes for a new roller door it’s for the grain pit so only used when the dryer is running.its rough 4.5 m quote they want to fit a single phase tube motor as its not going to be used often. so would we be ok or do I get a quote for a 3phase .i have a price...
  6. rob h

    Carrier conveyor

    i have some carrier chain and flight conveyors in a shed I’ve never used them..we are now needing some conveyors to rig up the dryer but I have no idea of the output of them.they are 6inch wide trough with cast chains that hook together.can anyone tell me what capacity the are
  7. rob h

    Grain pit wanted

    Looking for a grain pit for our dryer project. Anything considered
  8. rob h

    Algae in hydraulic oil

    Has anyone had problems with it in hydraulic oil.last year we bought a used spearhead hedge cutter it had been at the dealers 2years. it all worked perfectly.put it away in a shed then got it out yesterday and no hydraulics .so drained oil out today and it’s slimey so lifted the top off the tank...
  9. rob h

    Shivers grain drying bins any good ?

    looking for ways to improve our grain drying and seen some second hand bins advertised with shivers Drying system fitted.they look like a good idea .but do they work .?
  10. rob h

    Best transmission jack

    Looking for a transmission jack to go with our 2 post ramp.with prices from 80quid to 300 they all look verry simaler. Can't decide what to get .also what capacity . Any advice welcome
  11. rob h

    Ford bubble cab top rear window

    Having a clear out Brand new unused top rear window for bubble cab been in the shed years £25
  12. rob h

    Pallet racking

    Can anyone Identify this racking or have uprights for sale.we bought some beams from a sale but only have one end I've looked at a lot of websites and can't find any
  13. rob h

    Power float or not

    Looking for a bit of advice on a few bits of concreting we have to do .just starting to convert a building for work shop and storage and it needs the old floors ripping up and re it worth power floating or will a float finish be ok
  14. rob h

    Scrap pile building up.

  15. rob h

    Simba miniflow parts

    I've broken 2 of the spring tines on the front and can't find a suply. No problem getting the ones with the counters attached..has anyone found a supply of them or will I have to convert it to something else.any advice welcome
  16. rob h

    Bomford or spearhead

    Just looking for a used hedger and been offered a bomford falcon 5.5 with electric controls. Or a spearhead 565 with oil joystick.not shure which one to pick what are the pros and cons of these machines
  17. rob h

    How old is youre dryer

    Just thinking today how old our grain dryer is .it's a alvan blanch cascade 45 1963.first used bought it brand new and it's still going well.every year about now we look at it and say we'll have to get something bigger but it never seems to happen.are there many outhers using dryers of a...
  18. rob h

    Cat th62 non runner wante.

    ive posted on the wanted but thought it may get more notice if I also put it on hear.anyway our th62 caught fire under the bonnet last week.causing a lot of damage all across the top of the engine and gearbox basicly anything rubber or plastic is damaged along with a few pipes and wires.i can...
  19. rob h

    Cat th62 non runner

    Cat th62 wanted complete or part machine. Anything considered ours has had a fire under the bonnet so need a good bonnet and various outher parts damaged under there.
  20. rob h

    ground rent for hotel sign

    in one of our fields we have a large sign taking a space about 2mx2m.up until last week the hotel belonged to family members so we never asked for any rent. however its now been sold and new owners moved in last week I haven't spoken to them yet but think it needs to be sorted .dose anyone have...