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  1. Hereward

    Spring tine or power harrow, which is best in wet soil?

    As the the title to cultivate in broadcast seed which is best in wet soil, Power harrow or a spring tine?
  2. Hereward

    John Deere 6930 EGR removal

    If I want to blank off the EGR how do I do it? Blank it off with a plate where the exhaust gases enter the EGR cooler from the exhaust manifold? Does it need blanking off anywhere else? Could I remove the whole lot and blank off the exhaust manifold and remove the EGR cooler and blank off the...
  3. Hereward

    House extension cost

    After some real world examples, I've read all the online guides of £1k basic- £2k high, skys the limit etc... Single storey 4.8m x 9m so 43.2sq. metres, conventional apex roof. Block working cavity walls with exterior brick. To compromise toilet and shower and kitchen diner to join onto back...
  4. Hereward

    Best small air seeder

    Going to put a small seeder on the back of my Horsch Terrano for stewardship mixes, which is the best, will be seeding, wild flowers, grasses, legume, wild bird seed mixes etc. Narrowed it down to Stocks, APV, Opico, Bullock Tillage. Want a 200 litre hopper, electric fan, electric metering...
  5. Hereward

    Stewardship/Grass/Cover crop drill

    So what's the best way to drill stewardship mixes, cover crops, wild flower grass mixes etc. I'm leaning towards a small air seeder like a Stocks Turbo Jet to mount on the back of a cultivator, dropping the seed in front of the packer roller. But wondering if a basic Air drill will do the job...
  6. Hereward

    Best drill for Stewardship mixes, AB9, AB15 etc.

    What's the best drill for establishing typical stewardship mixes such as AB9, AB15 etc... Is a conventional cereal drill based on an Accord metering system with suffolk coulters the best as most only want drilling quite shallow? Or is small micro seeder on a cultivator a good option. Do most...
  7. Hereward

    500kg/ha Wheat seed to use it up

    Got 3.5t of Wheat seed left and only a 7ha field I have any chance of travelling on this week. Its over wintered seed so germination and vigour perhaps a bit down, no harm in 500kg/ha given the likely poor germination/establishment etc?
  8. Hereward

    Over wintered ploughing/cultivation

    Is there any reason, thinking BPS, that you cannot leave ploughing over winter? I would like to plough this week, leave to weather over winter and establish in April.
  9. Hereward

    Arable offer online application

    So I've nearly completed the online Arable offer application. I've added all the land parcels, I'm confused when you choose the options for each of the Categories do you just claim for the first year for rotational items? For example, AB6 Enhanced over winter stubble, if I choose this for...
  10. Hereward

    Arable offer, do options have to be rotated or can they be in the same place for the full five years

    For the Mid Tier arable offer, I'm confused as to whether options such as AB9 can be in the same place for five years or must they be rotated? The wording says "on whole or part parcels in rotation on:" I'm confused!
  11. Hereward

    Which UTTO Oil brand?

    As per the poll, which oil brand do use for your tractor transmissions, UTTO in particular.
  12. Hereward

    MF 6480 Brakes

    I would like to check and change the brake discs on my 6480, is this an involved job. Obviously trumpet housing off, then what?
  13. Hereward

    Oil in cans, barrels or bulk?

    How do you buy your engine, transmission, hyd oils etc. As per poll, in cans, barrels or bulk tanks. I used to always get barrels, but tended to end up with many barrels part empty and compromised on oil choice sometimes, so switched to cans. Need a hundred litres of SUTO, think I paid £42...
  14. Hereward

    House extension, single or two storey??

    Planning on putting an extension on the back of our two storey Victorian stone house. Its an isolated house with an almost unlimited garden size so taking up valuable garden space is not a consideration. Looking to put on about 75m2 of floor space for large kitchen diner, shower room etc. and...
  15. Hereward

    Tebuconazole on Spring Barley

    Got some cans of tebuconazole to use up, much reduced wheat area, so was thinking of using on Spring Barley. I know its good on rusts, but does it do much on Rhynco and net blotch, they are both label diseases for moderate control. At present the crop unsurprisingly is very clean with just Ctl...
  16. Hereward

    John Deere 3400X / Renault Ceres 95 Selector forks

    Our John Deere 3400X which is just a rebadged Renault Ceres 95, jumps out of high range when on the over run or when you lift off the throttle, I'm assuming its the selector fork. Does anyone have any experience with these, can it be repaired from the top of the gearbox? Or does the tractor...
  17. Hereward

    JD 6930 crankshaft pulley oil seal

    The crankshaft pulley oil seal is leaking on my 6930, is it an involved job to fit a new one?
  18. Hereward

    Covid19 effect on used tractor and machinery prices

    Looking at buying a secondhand 200hp tractor approx. 5 years old, what is the opinion of where tractor values are heading? With factorys all closed and closing there will presumably be less used equipment coming onto the market but I guess the export market is also dead at the moment. Buy now...
  19. Hereward

    Too late for Skyfall

    Anyone risking it? Breeders say safe upto first week in March, had set myself the 10th of March as my cut off, drill may go end of this week, first half of next :unsure:
  20. Hereward

    Waste Oil disposal

    I've about 700 litres of waste oil, mixture of engine and transmission to dispose of. I want a bit of paper so a workshop heater or bonfire is not the answer! It's currently in old 205l barrels, how much is it likely to cost and when they collect will they just suck it out the barrels or take...