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  1. Rabbit Wolverine

    User opinions on a MF 9305 Xtra telwhandler

    Just looking at one of these and have heard they are generally good machines, however, they lack dump angle and the rear pickup can't pick up a loaded trailer, are these comments correct? What do others think of them?
  2. Rabbit Wolverine

    Davidson Tractors

    They have a machine there which I am interested in, however they are 5 hours away and with current circumstances I think it’s difficult to look at machine. So really just asking on here what they are like to deal with and whether I should be confident dealing with them without viewing. Thanks
  3. Rabbit Wolverine

    Quick one; Can you ID this axle please?

    It has a ‘A’ on the hubcaps
  4. Rabbit Wolverine

    Utilising dairy bred AA calves

    Normally sell our AA calves (about 55 per yr, although would probably increase in future) at weaning but I’m wondering if there’s any money in keeping them to stores/finishers? Thinking to feed them on a grass/maize silage ration, plenty of straw from arable side, muck to go back. We do rent...
  5. Rabbit Wolverine

    MF cab suspension, air vs springs?

    Sorry if this has been done before, but the compressor has failed on my 6480. Been told a landrover comoressor works for a fraction of the price as a genuine one, or theres springs for similar money to the KR compressor. One of my drivers suffers from a bad back so would the springs be equal or...
  6. Rabbit Wolverine

    Kverneland LD85 skimmer settings

    Our plougg is terrible for blocking between mouldboards and skimmers, especially on grass. The height of skimmers is set about right, its the front/back clearance that could do with increasing. I see there is anothrr set of holes on brackers, are they for this purpose as ive not seen a plough...
  7. Rabbit Wolverine

    How much to tarmac a drive?

    I’ve got a stone drive which I’m sick of filling potholes in, wondering rough price to have it tarmac’ed.... professionally! It’s about 500 metres long and 3.5 metres wide
  8. Rabbit Wolverine

    Front linkage toolbox made from oil drum???

    Looking to make a front mounted toolbox to go on front linkage, and have loads of empty oil drums around, has anyone successfully made a front mounted toolbox from one. Would it be strong enough? If so, pics and instructions please
  9. Rabbit Wolverine

    Best 1st car

    My nephew is looking to buy his first car in next few months when he's passed his test and is now wondering what car to get. Ive suggested a little 4x4 like Freelander, safer on country roads as better visability, and better suited for dealing with potholes, floods and snow Budget is around £4k...
  10. Rabbit Wolverine

    Horsch CO4 in wet conditions?

    The one I'm looking at has tractor tread rear wheels and has been converted to Metcalf tines
  11. Rabbit Wolverine

    Horsch CO4 in wet conditions?

    Getting concerned about the wet conditions and considering buying a 2nd drill to increase capacity, we already run a strip til drill so ground is used to DD. I've no idea how these drills run in sticky clay
  12. Rabbit Wolverine

    Opinions on potential rotation

    Just trying to re-jig my rotation for a number of objectives, To make area parcels similar size Maximise 1st wheats Spring break crops to help with grass weeds Make best use of manures and sustainable fertilisers to reduce bought in P & K Notes: Spring oats and maize to use as foage for...
  13. Rabbit Wolverine

    Can I FSS on roundup'd OSR?

    I'm growing a conventional OSR this year after years of growing hybrids, and want to FSS the seed, can I do so on a crop which has been pplied with glyphosate? I know it's not recommended to FSS on cereals, but does that apply to OSR too?
  14. Rabbit Wolverine

    MF 8947 Xtra telehandler user opinions

    I'm looking to update our ageing telehandler and seen one of these for sale in a future farm sale. It will be mainly used on the arable side (loading grain, handling fert/seed, moving bales, towing bale trailer, etc) but will be backup on the livestock side. Will be doing around 200 hrs/year. I...
  15. Rabbit Wolverine

    Which shallow cultivator?

    We ending up buying a Cousins Surface cultivator for shallow cultivation and a Bullock tillage low disurbance subsoiler for deeper work
  16. Rabbit Wolverine

    New MF TH/Bobcat TL telehandlers

    I've heard reports that these new gen telehandlers aren't too bad, has anyone got any experience with them. P.s Constructive comment only please
  17. Rabbit Wolverine

    Will an MF 895 loader fit a 5475 T3?

    Got a 5460 T2 here with a MF 895 loader on, but would like the ability to swap the boom between it and our 5475 T3, is it possible to get a sub frame to fit the 5475 and the 895? What price would I be looking at? What's the equivalent Quicke to the 895?
  18. Rabbit Wolverine

    New, simple grain store ideas

    Sorry, i misunderstood your layout, i get it now. Like that setup although I'd have my drier unloading at the entrance and push the grain to back wall, with having the dryer indoor cause condensation on the roof?
  19. Rabbit Wolverine

    New, simple grain store ideas

    100 ft divided into 20 ft bays is 5 bays, would 2 60 ft wide sheds split into 3 bays each work out cheaper?
  20. Rabbit Wolverine

    New, simple grain store ideas

    I was told yesterday by the guy we store the majority of our grain is that he's going to store caravans from next year, so will need to look for alternative storage. We haven't any suitable buildings to convert as they are stock sheds so will probably be a new build. Current storage requirements...