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  1. SimonD

    Bateman Hi Lo hydrostatic fluid change

    Can someone point out the drainage point for the hydrostatic reservoir or wherever is best to drain the system? It may be obvious to some but not me.
  2. SimonD

    Tissue sampling?

    I've been soil sampling each field every 2 years to build some history. The results would appear to be accurate as it's highlighted the same areas being high each year. What I've never done is tissue sampling. Would I get a better idea of what trace elements are needed rather than waiting for...
  3. SimonD

    AS dust not prilled

    Looking to price AS for next yr. Dorset area.
  4. SimonD

    Fert tank

    Looking for liquid fert storage tanks, 5000ltr plus, ideally 10,000ltr. No metal tanks unless lined. Thanks.
  5. SimonD

    Avadex spreader

    Looking for an Avadex spreader, ideally to go behind a 6m roller. TVM
  6. SimonD

    Humic acid

    Any suppliers of Humic acid willing to give me a quote. Thanks
  7. SimonD

    Claas Medion 310

    Going to looking for a combine later this year, if anyone has a tidy Claas Medion 310 then give me a shout. They are much like a VX that I used to have hence the specific model wanted.
  8. SimonD

    Machine inspection Nr Stafford

    Need a combine inspecting in Uttorexter, Nr Stafford. Are there any sensible independent mechanics out there who could look at a NH combine? Obviously a paying job!
  9. SimonD

    Temporary grass as a third crop/fallow

    We have gone over the 30ha threshold (big time farmer now) and need a third crop. Is there any reason why I can't use some fallow that we've put down to temporary grass as both the 3rd crop and a component of EFA through the fallow? We will abide by the fallow rules so I can't see an issue but...
  10. SimonD

    Interesting video
  11. SimonD

    Smaller supplier operations

    Is this the time for the smaller supplier, service provider to make a difference to your farm? I seem to be getting a better, more competitive service from the one man operations than from larger businesses. This is across differing areas in agriculture and I'm starting to think that the lower...
  12. SimonD

    Enduramaxx 500 litre tank

    As above, delivered to Sherborne, Dorset area.
  13. SimonD

    Rat traps

    Best bait or lure to entice the little barstewards in? Tuna isn't working, nor much success with cat food.
  14. SimonD

    Haulage from northern France

    Looking at hauling a 3m trailed drill back from northern France, would obviously like to do it as a return load. Will end up in north Dorset and would like some estimates please. East of Saint Quentin.
  15. SimonD

    Cultivators: Sumo - Trio

    Cultivators: Sumo - Trio Category: Cultivators Manufacturer: Sumo Price: £9750 Condition: Used Description: Sumo 3m Trio 2011 Has done under 1000ac's on light soil, great build quality on Sumo products and in very good condition...
  16. SimonD

    Drills: Horsch - CO4

    Drills: Horsch - CO4 Category: Drills Manufacturer: Horsch Price: £7100 Condition: Used Description: Horsch CO4 with Dutch openers. Radar Metering, Tramline Module and Seed Low Level Modules fitted. Bought this year but going down a different path so the drill will be sold. Was bought to...
  17. SimonD

    Farm Tractors: Fendt - 724 Profis Plus

    Farm Tractors: Fendt - 724 Profis Plus Category: Farm Tractors Manufacturer: Fendt Price: £107000 Condition: Used Description: Fendt 724 Profis PLus with Mobile RTK Base Station. New March 2014 with 780 hours, full Fendt service history. Trelleborg tyres, full Fendt Varioguide with Topcon...
  18. SimonD

    Bateman Hi Lo battery

    Need to replace the battery but the one currently fitted isn't I believe the right one. Does anyone know the correct amp rate for it please.
  19. SimonD

    Agri vehicle insurance

    I have a Fendt 724 (2014), Bateman Hi -Lo (15k) and Merlo loader(8k). Looking for a new policy to encompass all of the above. Would be happy to have a limit on hours or acreage equipment is used on if a reduction in premium can be applied. Potential for building and liability cover to follow.
  20. SimonD

    Patchwork Blackbox Go

    3 years old but not really used much. £750 ovno.