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  1. Dog Bowl

    10t to 12t grain trailer

    As title, I need to find a relatively tidy 10 to 12t trailer. It's for muck mainly, but maybe occasional grain use if pushed in the summer. The older the better in terms of my price range. What's out there? I
  2. Dog Bowl

    Shipping container barn

    Require a couple of shipping containers. Was thinking of placing one at either side of an area of hardstanding and then spanning the area between them with a roof to create an undercover area to park some machinery in, pallets of minerals etc etc. Anyone done something similar?
  3. Dog Bowl

    Water troughs for sucklers

    After the recent hot weather my water trough capacities have been at their limits keeping the suckler cows and calves watered. With this in mind I plan to update the troughs for next grazing season as we make a transition to an even smaller paddock grazed system with more cows. My question is...
  4. Dog Bowl

    Crimped Spring Barley

    Never had anything to do with it. Always take spring barley as a wholecrop but looking at other options as feel I don't need the bulky nature of all that forage. What is the process involved? How would I clamp it? How do folk feed it? What sort of feed rate would you feed it to weaned suckled...
  5. Dog Bowl

    Hard Standing

    Plan to make an area of hardstanding off the yard. Currently it is part of a field. Want to strip the top soil and then utilise road planings. Will probably roll down with a vibrating roller if needs be. Would this be up to withstanding turning from lorries and machinery running around on it...
  6. Dog Bowl

    Recommend me an Electric Fencer

    New grazing block to be rotationally grazed with cows and calves. High tensile electric fences around the boundaries with plastic posts and poly wire for dividing paddocks up. My question is what mains fencer would you recommend? Would be roughly 6km of boundary fencing plus all dividing...
  7. Dog Bowl

    Herbicide Options for New Leys

    With spring around the corner my attention is now on getting my grass re-seeds up together when it eventually warms up. I have new PRG leys, with no clover, which need a herbicide to take out dock seedlings, chickweed etc. I'd like to overseed these leys with clover at some point this season...
  8. Dog Bowl

    JD 6140m

    Whos bought a new one? The 4 cylinder with the new style cab and engine boost. Would love to hear the good points and the bad. Proper mixed farming, want it to run double mowers, 3m combi, 4 furrow plough but also be nimble enough around the yards with a straw blower on the odd occasion.
  9. Dog Bowl

    How much to pay an arable farmer!

    Neighbouring arable farmer has approached me about renting some land from him to grow Italian ryegrass instead of him growing OSR as a break. Would be about 100ac which will help me enormously as I am always tight for grass. He would zero till the grass in behind spring barley at his cost. I...
  10. Dog Bowl

    Silage bales from Tetbury, Glos to Liskeard, Cornwall.

    As title. Need them moved fairly quickly.
  11. Dog Bowl

    Legalities of housing stock in away buildings

    Luckily taken on some rented land the other end of the village as grass keep until the end of this season. Has a great set of buildings. Home farm is stuffed to the rafters with stock as we are shut up with TB. I want to move a group of younger beef calves to this away farm. I've linked...
  12. Dog Bowl

    How many bales to a roll of wrap?!

    Contractor was in yesterday wrapping some silage bales. Baled in 120x90, at 5ft5 in length, the wrapper man used wrap at a rate of 1 roll per 16 bales. Having done years of 80x90 bales I'm a little out of touch with bigger bale sizes. Now, to avoid an arguement with the driver at the end of a...
  13. Dog Bowl

    How do you load your cattle?

    After loading lots of cows into the trailer and out of the farm down the road for grazing it's made me realise I'd like to revamp how we load cattle. Would folk on here be keen to upload photos / explain their loading system? I like the look of American systems, up a ramp and into a trailer in...
  14. Dog Bowl

    Applying Chicken Litter and Bagged Fertiliser

    My wettest silage ground has now dried sufficiently to get on it. Contractor booked for Saturday to spread 2t/ac of chicken litter. Can I go on with Bagged N+S on friday before the chicken muck or should I wait? First time using chicken muck so advice welcome incase I'm doing something wrong...
  15. Dog Bowl

    Castrated steer serving cow?!

    As title. Get to the farm this morning and a steer had jumped the gate into a group of calving cows next door. One cow in the group bulling like mad. I get to the pen and see that shes standing and the steer in question serving her. He has his 'equipment' in full 'extension mode'(!). Now I've...
  16. Dog Bowl

    Silage bales from near J18 of M4 to near Plymouth

    As title. Looking at moving regular loads. Large 6 string square bales. Great facilities for loading. PM me with details
  17. Dog Bowl

    Hi Protein Forage Crops

    It's my first post within the 'Hollistic Farming' section after stumbling across it so go easy on me! After ordering more compound and blends today it's got me seriously questioning where I'm going with things... Suckled angus calves get access to a blend whilst still on the cow a few weeks...
  18. Dog Bowl

    Blend price/formulatio

    Been quoted by a well known feed company for a blend to feed weaned suckled calves 10 months old and to creep feed calves still on the cow. Calves have access to ad lib good grass silage. This is the blend below: Rolled Barley 15% Rolled Wheat 5.71%...
  19. Dog Bowl

    Ive taken on someone else's problem!

    I tendered successfully for some land last autumn. Had been in continuous maize for years (10+) previously (gasp!) So post maize harvest last year I soil sampled. P and K were at 1, ph 5.5. Before drilling, I put on some 0-24-24 and some lime in seedbed. Then subsoiled and mintilled with...
  20. Dog Bowl

    Using Tractor on Straw Blower without a hydraulic return

    Normal straw chopper tractor is due some warranty work and is out of action for a week. My plan is to put an older JD 6210se onto the chopper for a week. Only issue is this tractor doesn't have a hydraulic return. Would it be so bad to have one pipe in one spool valve on float, and the other...