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  1. Greg101

    Where do I go to analyze part or all of a plant for nutritional value?

    So would it change its structure enough to grind it to a powder, and reclump it as they do with commercial grain feed. Wouldn't be that hard to make a machine to do it as far as effort goes. But I think the harder part would supplementing for essential nutrients that you couldn't find in your...
  2. Greg101

    Where do I go to analyze part or all of a plant for nutritional value?

    I just started researching it a little more and with the thought in mind of each seed having a specific dominant nutrient..... Would it be a possibility of combining a lot of weed's seeds(that most people spray to get rid of) to make a perfect feed.........
  3. Greg101


    Nutritional profile of dock Dock plants are very nutritious. Curly dock, for example, contains more vitamin C than oranges and more vitamin A than carrots. It also contains vitamins B1 and B2, and iron. Herbal medicine uses of dock The leaves are famously used to soothe nettle stings and often...
  4. Greg101

    Where do I go to analyze part or all of a plant for nutritional value?

    I should have been more specific but was considering turning the seeds of some so-called invasive weeds into feed for fowl and possibly livestock.
  5. Greg101

    Where do I go to analyze part or all of a plant for nutritional value?

    Where do I go to analyze part or all of a plant for nutritional value? Is there a lab that will test it for me or have most plants already been tested for nutritional value. Thanks for any help.
  6. Greg101

    Small bale straw and mice

    Get some cats!
  7. Greg101

    Chocolate Milk

    Many a day I made thru with chocolate milk keeping me going between meals when I was working extra hard, works for me as long as I can keep it cool and fresh.
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    I hope this video will help you i haven't ever done it due to a lack of funds but this is the method i want to use as soon as i can get a start.
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    Linux and old computers

    Yes that is very possible. i am running Linux Mint 20 on an old desktop computer woith 2gb ram, and im not sure how old the computer is but around 20 years. it does lock up when running too many heavy apps/programs. if u just want to surf/browse the web i would advise Tahrpup...
  10. Greg101

    Ivy in a hedge

    Uh........ Scale it to a farm level, spend a little money on a good fence system, and make a little beef/mutton and have them pay u for the privilege of gobbling your ivy!👍👏 We have a couple of acres that used to be practically solid brush, (it had been field and the previous owner just let it...
  11. Greg101

    Introduce Yourself

    So do you find a lot of interesting things while metal detecting? if so maybe u should start a thread, get other people started wondering what gold mine they sit atop of. when we first moved here a lot of the soil (especially around the buildings) consisted of about 30% metals. even now if u...
  12. Greg101

    Ivy in a hedge

    It is a very valuable plant if managed properly, killing it is not a good idea at all but keeping it in check is good for it, u, and any animals/birds that thrive in the shelter it provides. I would advise the purchase of one or more small goat/sheep/cow, and then get a small portable fence...
  13. Greg101

    Low immunity

    I have heard of cold showers before. i do think they have benefits but i found a hot shower helps me relax enough to where i can get an exceptionally good sleep at night. cold water makes the body tense up.
  14. Greg101

    fence clearing with a flame gun

    I know this is still kinda off topic and sorry for that, but this is a huge subject and finds its way into almost half of the topics in this forum. i was just wondering what u were growing in a organic system vs a conventional chemical farm.
  15. Greg101

    fence clearing with a flame gun

    Very true! i guess i never really thought of it that way, to an extent the puplic does decide on how we do things. if they would insist on proper food production, instead of being gullible and eating the cheapest food around. then again there is a big and growing market for non-gmo products...
  16. Greg101

    fence clearing with a flame gun

    Because none is a necessity.
  17. Greg101

    fence clearing with a flame gun

    But shouldn't we as farmers eliminate as much chemical as possible after all we grow food something that should not be toxic!
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    New research study - ATVs and helmet wearing

    For real only 20 more or is it to make us feel like we would be of a great help? (5%) ;)
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    fence clearing with a flame gun

    It reaches the ocean at the same place but it doesn't stay there but a lot/most of the nutrients/chemicals stay there.
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    fence clearing with a flame gun

    Herbicides don't drift away in the atmosphere like burnt fossil fuel. Herbicides float around in waterways (river,creek,stream, ditch,ocean) killing and polluting anything they come in contact with including whole ocean ecosystems, as it appears that the water runoff from a whole country...