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    How much are live turkeys worth

    Roughly £40-50ish per head. With that small quantity you are talking hobby farming rates not commercial rates.
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    Strip Tillage and Poultry Manure

    We run a Mzuri drill and have recently built a broiler unit. We plan to utilise the muck on the arable land. My worry is spreading it pre-drilling - will we be caught out for not incorporating the muck into the soils? How do other people mange this? Is it left on top and you chance the rules...
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    Chicken shortage

    My worry is that the Eastern Europeans have learnt the trade/chicken farming here, and have gone back home to build the units for a cheaper capital cost than here. Then we will end up importing from them as they will have lower costs than us, an experienced skillset and a damn good work ethic!
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    Poultry expert recommendation

    Location for the potential contract is key, the buildings should be fine, even if the sheds are tired the site itself will have a value. Maybe think about 3% window area for compliance if they are needed. As all sorts could be hidden in the walls.
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    2 Sister Poultry

    I can't see much American chicken coming over here, their carcase imbalance is the same as us, white breast meat is preferred.
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    5/10 year Business plans

    Hi, I am a farm business consultant, business plans for rent tenders are very farm specific so ideally you need to find a farm you want then the business plan is constructed. Normal is 3 years budgets and cash flows which can also be used to obtain bank borrowing if needed. Happy to have a chat...
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    Diversification ideas for a poultry shed

    Lichfield outskirts
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    Diversification ideas for a poultry shed

    Thanks all, caravan/car storage was the absolute back up plan. Not keen on layers/eggs, the capital cost to start is double that of a broiler shed and the multi tier aviary is basically scrap if you want to take it out. Have 2 years left on planning but want to start, chicken has a good future...
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    Diversification ideas for a poultry shed

    Recently had planning approved for a broiler shed, 80x360ft. For one reason or another we may not have a contract to supply a major integrator anymore. Bank funding is approved and all contractors are nearly ready to go. So basically we need options to supply smaller processors/alternative...
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    Broiler slaughterings

    No long term.
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    Broiler slaughterings

    How is the broiler industry currently? We have planning for a site, just waiting to build. Contract pencilled in with a large processor.
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    Environmental stewardship forms

    We had our ELS/HLS claim sent via email in March. Completed and scanned back last week. Waiting on a confirmation receipt which will probably be slow in the current climate.
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    Ground source heating in a new build

    We have it for our holiday lets. Just underfloor downstairs and radiators upstairs. They are well insulated and everyone is always warm! (Apart from Australians who visit). Just ensure you have a good company doing your installation and RHI paperwork. It took us 18 months to become accredited...
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    Corona - Holiday Lets

    Most of our bookings we have rescheduled/kept the money and we will get dates booked when all this is over. As quite a few are for weddings, some have rebooked for in 12 months time! We have given deposits back to those who did not want to reschedule. We feel it is only fair considering the...
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    Business rate changes in budget for leisure etc, premises

    Hi, we have holiday lets. The council should not take any rates from 1st April. Check their website to be sure on dates but they should reinvoice you for £0 for 12 months! We cancelled our direct debit to be safe. They have since emailed us a form which we filled out with regards to claiming the...
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    Hot tubs

    We have a hot tub for one of our holiday let's, for some people it is a massive draw! It is a criteria they select when they are searching for accommodation to stay in. As long as you dip it every day and check the chemicals you should not have a problem. Water is changed around twice a month...