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    Looking For Work Voluntary Experience - Sheep

    I am looking to gain experience in sheep husbandry to start off a career in livestock farming, so I am seeking a voluntary opportunity for a few hours per weekend. Ideally in South Staffordshire or Shropshire. I'm willing to help out in any aspects of the job and pick up as much knowledge as I...
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    Start up costs sheep

    I am looking to very start off my experience with sheep. I'm looking to try and find a local shepherd to impart some knowledge, and once I've gained enough experience start my own small flock, perhaps numbers of 10-20 to start things off. What start up costs would I be looking at? How many...
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    Work Experience

    Hello, I am actively seeking my first livestock farming job. In the meantime, would anyone in the South Staffordshire/Shropshire area be happy for me to come along to their farm for a few hours one weekend so I can get my first bit of experience on a livestock farm? Feel free to PM me. Thank you
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    Job Wanted - Staffordshire

    Hello, This post is also on the jobs board, so if it needs to be removed from here I understand. I am located in South Staffordshire and, due to a career change, I am looking for my first job on a livestock farm (preferably sheep or cows). I intend to make farming my long term career, so I am...
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    Posting job advert

    Quick question, am I allowed to post a job advert on the 'agricultural matters' part of the forum in the hope that it will attract more attention, or does it just have to be on the jobs board? Thank you
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    Looking For Work Job Wanted - Staffordshire

    Hello, I am located in South Staffordshire and, due to a career change, I am looking for my first job on a livestock farm (preferably sheep or cows). I intend to make farming my long term career, so I am willing to graft, do the hands on 'messy' jobs and learn the ropes. Alternatively, I would...
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    Upland vs Hill Farming

    At times I hear the terms upland farming and hill farming used interchangeably whereas at other times they seem to be discussed as two distinct types of farming. I was just curious as to what everyone else's opinion on this is? Do you think there is a difference? And why/why not?
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    Renting a farm

    Morning, Now I'm not thinking of renting a farm anytime soon so this is just a general question. How do tenant farmers actually find farms to rent? Aside from council farms, it seems that very few come up to rent. So are there really just very farms out there to rent, or are they just not well...
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    Yet Another ELMS Thread

    Hi, Sorry if this seems a stupid question, but when a farmer is renting land, will there will a general rules which states whether the farmer or the landowner receive the ELMS payment? And if it is the landowner, will that mean the farmer will pay less rent than if there was no ELMS payment?
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    Livestock books

    I have read James Rebanks and Amanda Owen's collections. Does anyone have any recommendations for other books on livestock farming? Don't mind if they are informative guides, autobiographies, journals, diaries etc
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    Career change part two

    I first posted on here about 9 months ago asking about a career change into livestock farming, and since then due to my current circumstances I haven't been able to get started working in agriculture. However, it shouldn't be long now before I can start looking to get my foot in the door. I...
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    Graduate jobs/courses

    I've posted a few times previously regarding potential career paths and I'm looking for some more advice. I will be graduating from my psychology degree in the summer, and I am hoping to start a career in livestock farming; however, I want to put my degree to good use. Does anyone have any...
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    Off farm income

    Hi all, I've posted a few threads on here recently asking for advice on a farming career, so thank you to everyone who has contributed. Just wondering, approximately what proportion of livestock farmers have off farm income? Is it relatively normal for livestock farmers to have day jobs...
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    Inexperienced farm worker wage

    Hello, I am looking for my first farm worker job to kickstart my career. Obviously, I have no farming experience but I'm willing to learn and graft. What kind of wage/salary could I expect to earn?
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    Looking For Work Farm Worker job wanted

    Hello, I am looking for a farm worker job in or around South Staffordshire. I am a new entrant to farming so I don't have any previous experience; however, I am willing to learn and graft as I set out on a new career path. Ideally I would be looking for four days per week but I am willing to...
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    ELM Scheme

    Hello, I have just listened to a podcast featuring a regenerative livestock farming couple, and they were discussing the changes from BPS to the ELM scheme. What are everyone's thoughts on the ELM scheme? Will it make farming fairer? Will it change things for new entrants? Does anyone have any...
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    Farm Manager

    Good Evening, Similar to my previous posts, I'm looking to learn as much as I can about agriculture to aid my decision as to whether I should pursue a career in the sector. Could anyone tell me what the main roles and responsibilities of a farm manager are? And how does the job differ to being...
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    Contract Shepherding

    Morning all, This is more out of curiosity than anything. Can anyone give me some information on what a contract actually does? For example: What are the start up costs? How many years experience of working with sheep tends to be necessary before contracting? What responsibilities does a...
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    Career change

    Hello, I am in my mid 20s and am currently in the final year of a Bsc Psychology degree. My initial aim was to use my degree to work towards a career related to psychology or healthcare. However, I have always had an interest in the countryside and rural life, with a yearning to spend my days...