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  1. Richard Smyth

    Mx mailleux loaders

    Would anyone have a contact to mx loaders in the uk. I need to get in touch with someone who can get me in touch with the factory. not having much luck contacting them direct yet and looking to import some loaders to Australia. any help much appreciated. Richard
  2. Richard Smyth

    Fendt 936 gen 6

    Recently got a new gen 6 936. Just wanting users opinion on adblu usage as it seems to like a drink. currently it’s using 10.5 % of fuel use. This seems a lot to me on relatively light work at the moment. I’ll have it on a deep ripper next week but slightly concerned how much it will use on...
  3. Richard Smyth

    Taurup grass rakes

    Has anyone used a taurup 9177s rake. Need a rake and have found one of these at not silly money just wondering if they are any good. any information on taurup rake helpful too
  4. Richard Smyth

    Reflective marker boards.

    Does anyone know of a good supplier of these marker boards that don’t cost an arm and a leg like the manufacturers want. I want to add some to machinery here but haven’t time to make my own as I’ve done in the past. preferable in sticker form for easier freight and I can stick them to a board...
  5. Richard Smyth

    Topcon Apollo.

    Are these units sold in the uk. Looking for users specifically running them on Fendt isobus displays. Mainly looking seeder controller but sprayer can be discussed also. Richard.
  6. Richard Smyth

    Fendt Vario terminal

    I am trying to get a vra map uploaded from a trial version of Trimble ah software onto my Vario terminal. Has anyone done this and how did you do it. I seem to be missing something.
  7. Richard Smyth

    Claas Lexion 460

    I have the above machine. The hydraulic tank low level light and buzzer won’t go off. It does my head in. Any idea why and how can I bypass it. Need it gone
  8. Richard Smyth

    Trailer brake conversion.

    If converting a trailer on air brakes to hydraulic is there a ram available that will bolt onto where the air brake chambers come out. Obviously I could get the combined air/hydraulic setup but not looking for this. Asking here as no one I know of supply these down here
  9. Richard Smyth

    Deere autosteer

    anyone know what exactly is involved in getting with topcon or Trimble base station correction signals into jd Rtk steering. I’m fairly sure I’ve seen a topcon radio on a Deere but don’t remember the specifics of it.
  10. Richard Smyth

    Fendt varioguide

    Does anyone know if the Fendt varioguide using Trimble reciever on Rtk can accept a topcon Rtk signal. If so what needs to be done differently. Hoping you @Pheasant Surprise might know
  11. Richard Smyth

    Fendt isobus plug

    i need an isobus fitted to the front of my fendt 927. What options do I have. Fendt didn’t list it as an option when I bought it
  12. Richard Smyth

    Massey 3095 dynashift

    need some ideas for a mate. He has the above which works fine until it is stopped and the battery isolator turned off. On restarting the tractor the dynashift and pto won’t work. The dynashift leds A and C flash alternately with B and D. All power supplies and earth cables checked and in...
  13. Richard Smyth

    Trelleborg tyres.

    Has anyone dealt with trelleborg on a tyre warranty claim. We have had a tyre fail. (710/75r42) got a new one and replaced it as needed to keep going. Pictures taken and all necessary forms sent in. Tyre has approximately 70% tread left on it. Always had pressure set higher than recommended...
  14. Richard Smyth

    Topcon hiper v

    hi all. I have the above rtk base station and would like to get more details stance out of it. Does anyone know of a simple way to set up a repeater to run off it.
  15. Richard Smyth

    Fendt 900 cab suspension

    does anyone know of an aftermarket supplier for the cab suspension air bags.
  16. Richard Smyth

    Claas lexion 460

    hi all. I have the above which has decided to beep continuously telling me the oil tank is empty which it is not. Is there any way I can bypass the sensor to test if it is faulty before I go ordering a new one. The contestant beep is driving me bonkers. Richard
  17. Richard Smyth

    Lexion 460

    i have the above machine and need to change the rubber strips on each side of the sieves. Anyone done this and have any tips on how to do this. They are bolted in and the nuts don’t appear to be captive.
  18. Richard Smyth

    Fendt 930

    I have bought a 2005 model of the above on condition that it's ok after I view it on Monday. They are to presssure test the vario as its original. What else to look at. It's done 8000 hrs but looks tidy from pictures. Not had anything to do with the old shape ones just the new ones hence the...
  19. Richard Smyth

    JCB 8250

    anything specific to look at. 2006 model so an early one I think.
  20. Richard Smyth

    Fendt 515c

    what can anyone tell me about these. Know nothing about them but might go look at 1