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  1. moretimeforgolf

    Shelbourne Reynolds stripper header

    Hi all. I’m on the lookout for a used stripper header, preferably to fit Claas Lexion. Not fussed about the width. Got winter linseed in the ground and think this would be a good option. Nick - Rochester, Kent
  2. moretimeforgolf

    Winter linseed drilling

    Just wondering when others with experience of winter linseed think is the best time to drill? I know some will have got theirs in already but I’m in Kent so was thinking mid-September? @Flintstone was early last year but don’t recall seeing how it performed.
  3. moretimeforgolf

    Anyone growing hybrid rye?

    I’m growing rye for the first time this year. I’ve got hybrid variety Serafino. It follows wheat, straw baled, stubble raked, drilled last week of September with JD750a. The issue I have is that it is thin in the swath rows. I take it that it doesn’t like the toxins from the wheat chaff. Has...
  4. moretimeforgolf

    Sencrop accuracy

    Anyone else struggling with a Sencrop rain gauge. I’ve had mine for about 3 months, it’s level and free of debris yet I’m certain it’s inaccurate. Take last nights rain, old fashion rain gauge reads 25mm but Sencrop tells me 17mm. On other occasions it’s been raining yet Sencrop says 0.0...
  5. moretimeforgolf

    Winter linseed variety?

    I’m looking at potentially switching some of my break crop into winter linseed next year. Just wondering which varieties people would say are reliable? And possibly ones to avoid?!!
  6. moretimeforgolf

    Spearhead or Shelbourne Reynolds?

    Our Bomford hedge cutter is 22 years old and is starting to become a bit unreliable. Got a Spearhead topper which is well built and have heard good things about Shelbourne Reynolds back up. Looking for a ‘farmer’ spec machine, easy to use and reliable. Got dealers for both nearby but not averse...
  7. moretimeforgolf

    750a error code

    Our 750a is a 2013, 4m with Greenstar isobus control. This autumn we’ve been consistently having trouble when calibrating the drill. It stops part way through the calibration run and throws up the code ‘I var’, according to the book it’s due to ‘extended excessive current draw at metering unit...
  8. moretimeforgolf

    EFA 2021?

    Is there any indication of any changes to BPS rules for next year? I was under the impression that now we are out of the EU that we would be running a different set of rules. Many of us will be working on cropping plans for next year but don’t know what EFA greening measures will be required!
  9. moretimeforgolf

    T0 anyone?

    All of our wheat was drilled at the end of October and 99% will see the combine. I’m due to spray pgr, manganese and Broadway Star this week and don’t see the point in adding a fungicide. Varieties - skyfall, firefly and extase. No ctl to use up and it’s set to stay dry . Just wondering what...
  10. moretimeforgolf

    Horsch sprayer induction hopper

    I’ve just taken delivery of a trailed Leeb Lt ccs pro. It’s got the larger induction hopper with a direct inlet option. I would like to fill directly from an ibc, please can anyone advise on the correct adapter to turn the inlet port (1.5 inch internal, 2 inch external) into a male camlock -...
  11. moretimeforgolf

    Summer cover crop?

    Hi. I’ve got a field of non-efa fallow which has a ryegrass problem. It’s had glyphosate but I just don’t like seeing bare soil. The field is due to go back in with wheat in the autumn. Any suggestions for a suitable cover crop? I’m thinking buckwheat, maybe vetch, peas, phacelia? I’m a bit...
  12. moretimeforgolf

    JD750a fan oil leak

    Has anyone had a hydraulic oil leak into the seed air flow from the fan? Our drill is a 2013 4m. I can only think the oil can be seeping past a seal in the fan. My main suspect shown in the parts book pages 204/5 would a gasket kit marked '12'. The 2 options in the parts list are for Bosch or...
  13. moretimeforgolf

    Pea & bean weevil damage

    Our spring beans have been emerging nicely with this warm spell but they are being heavily notched by weevils. Does anyone know the economic damage to the crop? My agronomist has told me that they can cause problems underground. I hate using insecticides but this is the one point in the rotation...
  14. moretimeforgolf

    Unreliable omnistar

    Is anyone else struggling with omnistar? I’m getting fed up with paying for a signal that is so unreliable. We started drilling a field of barley for a neighbour on Saturday ....after 2 bouts we lost signal and had to resort to using egnos with a small offset. The field is on the brow of a hill...
  15. moretimeforgolf

    Defender auto?

    Has anyone had an auto box fitted to a Defender? I've got a 90 with the 2.4 Puma diesel. It's ideal for my needs but my left knee is not so keen on using the clutch pedal! The other vehicles I have access to are autos so, I was wondering about having the Defender converted. Maybe I should...
  16. moretimeforgolf

    Gas gun repair

    I've got a couple of Spaldings gas guns which I can't get to work this year. These are good birdscarers when they work. Having checked the usual suspect areas, I believe it could be a circuit board issue. Does anyone know of a firm (preferably in Kent) who can carry out repairs that don't cost...
  17. moretimeforgolf

    Bean weevil- to spray or not to spray?

    Has anyone been brave enough not to spray Spring beans when they are being notched by weevils? I know insecticides are cheap but they are so indiscriminate. I have not used a foliar insecticide since spraying for p&b weevil a year ago and would like to avoid them altogether. Can beans...
  18. moretimeforgolf

    Where am I going wrong ??

    I'm in my third season of no-till and I am plagued by slugs and snails. Others on this forum proclaim to hardly use any slug pellets whereas my use has rocketed this year! Getting rape up and away was the first challenge - only used about 10kg/ha of sluxx ....a few small bare patches in the...
  19. moretimeforgolf

    Verticillium wilt in osr

    I've cut 25ha of Popular on heavy ground so far and has yielded a disappointing 3.3t/ha (roughly). There was barely a green stem in sight despite only having been sprayed with glyphosate 14 days earlier. From looking fairly decent, it ripened very rapidly from the top down, especially the side...
  20. moretimeforgolf

    Grain store floor choice

    I'm looking to build a new store for harvest 2016 under permitted development, so probably 80x60ft. I want to split down the middle and store 2 crops. We have plenty of combine capacity, so rarely harvest over 15% mc but may make a start at 16 when patience is running thin. Being in Kent, we...