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  1. Will Wilson

    American Farm Incomes

    Interesting news from America - incomes up, land prices up - boom time?
  2. Will Wilson


    Just interested to hear people's experiences with dyslexia. I think I have been lucky I have an amazing imagination and can work through problems pretty quickly, you have to learn to be resilient as well (dyslexics are grafters/survivors). The downsides are well known so let's gloss over them.
  3. Will Wilson

    Ag-tech a reality check

    Sarah K Mock is a really interesting professional that makes some very well-thought-through points, the below is worth a read if you are into Ag-tech.
  4. Will Wilson

    Essex Farmers Drive in Carol Concert

    Carols and seasonal songs, special guests and good cheer are being brought together for the Essex Farmers ‘Jingling Without the Mingling’ Drive-in carol service on the 13 /12. The COVID-19 safe event is being held in aid of Essex farming charities with the support of the Chelmsford Diocese and...
  5. Will Wilson

    Netting for pig sheds

    Does anyone use netting in their pig sheds over the top of the pens the piglets are kept in (sorry I am not sure if that is the right terminology) to stop drafts- we have a couple of requests for this using a netting that can be used multiple times and disinfected? This is new to me so any...
  6. Will Wilson

    Audiobooks - free through the library.

    All, just to let you know there is a free version of Audible that you can get through the library system. Essex Libraries offer an App called Borrow Box. and your local libraries probably offer the...
  7. Will Wilson

    Ford Ranger using coolant

    All, I have a 16 plate double cab ranger with the 2.2ltr Duratorque engine and 100,000 miles on the clock. It's recently started loosing coolant at alarming rate. Garage have pressure tested the system which is fine, there is no obvious reason to think it's getting into the engine block. It...
  8. Will Wilson

    Company car - advice please

    Morning - this is a Q a company agronomist or vet might be able to help with. Looking at a new car for the business (me as the driver) to replace a Ford Ranger. Dont want/need a new pick up. Must be - Good MPG (45 mpg + minimum) diesel Ready for 40,000 miles a year on mostly motorways...
  9. Will Wilson

    Stocks and Shares - Tips

    Does anyone on here invest in stocks and shares - I have been for a while using a couple of platforms and have been lucky on a couple of occasions (though I am really investing for long term steady growth). I normally look for companies in agriculture that I can understand these companies can be...
  10. Will Wilson

    Straw buildings, as in buildings for storing straw not buildings...

    Afternoon, looking for a rough cost for a building to hold 240 Heston bales (a purpose built/ high roof straw shed). At the moment only gathering prices so perhaps someone has built a straw shed recently could tell me roughly what they think the building itself cost and the rough dimensions...
  11. Will Wilson

    Interesting supermarket graphic

    A quick breakdown of where / if supermarkets make money. How would this compare to most Uk farmers?
  12. Will Wilson

    Weight loss - Slim for Cereals

    I need to lose about 2 1/2 to 3 stone this year to get back into a reasonable shape - I am a tall guy but now fat as well and noticing the effort it takes to move about. My job is sedentary and I have a young daughter so time to exercise is limited. I used to box and play rugby a lot - and I...
  13. Will Wilson

    Very interesting article from Oz

    Not sure where this should be posted and you might want to go straight to the bottom and the conclusions as its a long read but I found it very interesting.
  14. Will Wilson

    Are you in the top 5%

    Distribution in of wealth in the UK means that anyone with £700,000 in wealth (assets) sits in roughly the top 5% of the population. How many farmers would fit into this bracket? This isn't a dig - it might be a reality check for some.
  15. Will Wilson

    Does agriculture have measureable targets?

    I have been thinking about this - does anyone know any published targets for UK agriculture to meet. For example - what is the target for the reduction of TB in the UK? I haven't been able to find any.
  16. Will Wilson

    Looking For Work Harvest tractor driving (weekends, Essex)

    It's a long shot but I am free for several weekends this summer - My OH is an on call vet so I am often at a loose end. It would be nice to get some weekends in on a tractor. I have plenty of experience in the basics (carting, cultivating, potato work ) I have a telehandler license and...
  17. Will Wilson

    Selling to farmers

    I cant believe I didn't think of this before. Our business relies on the ability to sell to farmers. We are only a couple of years old and very open to new ideas. So my question..... What is the most effective way to sell to a farmer? and what is the most original way you have seen?
  18. Will Wilson

    Potato boxes (Essex)

    Long story but I am looking for one (modern standard size) potato box -more in the long term- for a project in Essex. Nothing too ropey and will pick up, near Colchester please. Email me [email protected]
  19. Will Wilson


    Has anyone seen any 'trends/success stories' in UK agriculture supply industries that jump out at them at the moment. I have picked out a couple please add any you can think of - - Min till (long term) - Robotics (long term - but likely) - Data (long term - yet to see any return, lots of...
  20. Will Wilson

    My big idea............. that I havent got time for

    I have decided that there must be a student or someone out there with time to take up the below, run with it and make themselves a fortune. All I want is to find the right person that I can help make it work. The problem There is no universal 'method' for working in a milking parlour (all...